Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pink sky at night ...

... is Shepherd's delight. Well, this scenery delighted me as we travelled down to town the other day. I made Mr T stop the car so I could get this picture from the car window. Luckily, no-one was behind us, who would say '... some bloody idiot stopped on the busy, main road!' I don't care, though, if they were, it was beautiful.
Well, how was your Christmas? Hopefully, as peaceful and enjoyable as ours was - with the dinner of the year being as fabulous as ours was. We spent the day with our daughter and her family, while ringing around the country to speak to other members of the family. Then, drove over to Aviemore for Boxing Day, to visit with Mr T's brother and his wife. The snow there was much heavier than here at Glenshee, so we left at about 5pm to drive home, having to stop fairly often to clear the windscreen of the muck being thrown up from other traffic.
Ooh, it was lovely to kick our shoes by the front door, to get the snow off them, put a match to the woodburner, and settle down with a cuppa, mince pie and the telly. Bliss.
I wish you all a very happy, and/or peaceful holiday and all you would hope for the New Year of 2010.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Time and tide...

some wee muffins, made for our crafters' lunch last week

Yeah, time in running out, fast! I can't believe Christmas has come around so quickly, once again. Mr T has taken the last of the parcels down to the post office today, yes, this morning, and I hope that they just get there in time. In them, no piccies, are aprons I made, for some little girls in the family, which I just couldn't find time to get around to making, silly isn't it? Now, my new year's resolution is to get the blimmin' stuff ready, from January 2010, and to be done by the summer, at least.

But, we know what happens to new year resolutions, don't we, ladies?!

Friday, 4 December 2009


What a smashing time I've been having of late! Nanny's Best Girl and Dolly-lolly-pop's poor mummy has had to work extra and different hours of work, these past few weeks. This is because both the childminder and the work colleague have been away sick, following surgery.

So, guess what?

Nanny has had the greatest of pleasure in stepping in, and doing the childminding for two very beautiful and clever grand-daughters. How cool is that?

Yep, very cool indeed. But, it has taken its toll a tad on the old energy and time. Energy is to be expected at my ripe old age of 52, I suppose. But, I can get some rest and recuperation. It's the time that I'm having trouble with - time to be getting on with other work commitments, that is.

Most of the employers of my various posts have been very good at understanding that, what with my mum having her health problems, my two holidays (lucky me,) and then being ill myself, I have been rather stretched. I do wish I was made of elastic, and not need any amount of sleep! Others have not been quite as forgiving. But, there is nothing I can do about that. Except, continue to apologise and just get on and catch up with it all.

Oh, but I have enjoyed my girlies so much! At the ages of 12 and 2 and a half, they are such fun and in different ways. There was a delightful afternoon, last week, where NBG and her pal were making stamped and embellished, sewn fabric, Xmas tree decorations. Aided and abetted, I might add, by DLP singing and crayoning at the table with them, spilling glitter and sequins all over the place! Classic.

I am off to bed early tonight, and have a haircut appointment tomorrow morning. Lucky me! 'night. x

ps. erarggh! Kim has just been subjected to gert big hairy spiders poured over her head. I shall now retire to my bed and WILL DREAM of the damned things!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ooh snow!

You'd better believe it!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Just in Quick

Just a quick post to say that we are back from our, FanTasTic holiday to Egypt. We cruised, went looking at loads of tombs, lazed about and then flew to Cairo to see the Pyramids, Sphinx and the King Tut exhibition. It was really enjoyable and so much fun. One day I found myself listening to 'The English Patient' soundtrack on my iPod, as we were cruising down the Nile! Best holiday for a long time. And, good for me and Mr T to have some time together. We needed to have time to just be us, without work, 'phones etc.

And, I came back to have a blood pressure test, which was worryingly high before the hols, but had to be taken twice just to check, as it was so low as to be normal! Though, since then I have developed the coldy-fluey virus, than includes diarrhoea, yuk, that Mr T caught off someone on the 'plane. Ah well.

ps. piccies and more, soon, when I am feeling better.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Running away ... to holiday!

Mum is much better, though still tired. Unfortunately, she has thrown a wobbly once again and threw out my brother, who was visiting for the weekend. Readers of this blog may remember that my mum has mental health issues. These 'wobblies' are ongoing, and extremely upsetting for all of us. But, she continues as if nothing has happened, leaving tears and heartache in her wake. However, we have survived thus far.

On a brighter note, my son and his family visited while I was 'down South.' His partner is about 18 weeks now, and is literally blooming with this pregnancy! As well, she is eating properly and her eczema is vastly improved, and her eyes are all shiney and bright. She was more chatty than usual, as she is a shy person. I was so pleased for the opportunity to see them.

I am now off on my jollies for a few weeks. This lucky girl is going to St Andrews for a few days with the lovely daughter, and her two lovely daughters, yippee. I am soo looking forward to this - a quiet country cottage, all equipped with a log fire etc, near to the water and the city, where we can walk as well as going out to see 'stuff.' Yesterday, I picked up a cross stitch rug to make, with snakes and ladders on it - which we can share. I do have a days work to go into while away, but that will be good for them to just mooch about together, as well. When she gets back home, she will be, hopefully, arriving to a whole new bathroom, which her husband and Mr T are fitting in, while we are away.

And, for me, there's more! Two days after my return, I am jetting off to Egypt for two weeks! (Sorry about so many !!!'s) We are cruising along the Nile for a week, then spending a few days in Luxor, AND flying to Cairo to see the Pyramids as well. I have long wanted to see the pyramids, and now I shall!

I will return, refreshed and rejuventated. Promise.

for now, Karen.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More News

Well, I am travelling South this weekend. My mum had a heart attack on Monday, and a stent inserted today. She suddenly sounds old, and it's a bit scary, even though she's only 71 years old. But, she's always been a healthy person, with get up and go, and she's often gone - on walking holidays, gardening holidays, off to Italy or Spain. I just heard my brother relating to an aunt, that he'd queried a dent in the ceiling above mum's stairs. 'Oh, that,' she says 'that's when I was moving a wardrobe up to my bedroom.'

I don't think she'll be doing that for a while.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It all happens here, you know!

Well, the new job is fab so far. I have three students who are all very different people, with differennt experiences and approaches to their chosen career. They are challenging me to climb out of my comfort zone, and further develop my own levels of understanding and learning. As a practical, solution focussed practitioner, I am able to offer them something away from the academic loftiness they have, thus far, had from their course. So, we are all getting something from this experience and, I'm just lovin' it!

I have often been quite dismissive of the social networking sites such as facebook, but just lately we have had reason to be thankful to them for providing information that we might not have had otherwise. Our friend, who was seriously ill following a motorbike accident is, we find, alive and well, thank goodness. A close call, that one.

Another bonus is that we had contact from a long-lost relative, Mr T's stepmother's grand-daughter. We lost contact with 'mum' many years ago after some disclosures were made, and believed, against the father. The stepmother was loyal to her husband, but we had to protect our young families and this contact was lost, and continued when the father died. Well, the stepmother's grand-daughter contacted our son, wanting contact details of her granny. Discussions and emails ensued, literally around the world, and she has been found. Her son has also found us, who lives close by, and is due to visit us this weekend!
Doncha just luurve this technology stuff?!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Job

I recently applied for a full time job. Silly of me, I know. But, I had it in my head that maybe, perhaps, at a push I should go back to the work I was trained for, and qualified in, and have a lot of experience in. So, I duly applied for a job, within the bounds of a hospital (social work) but, was a tad worried that I might have to do a lot of walking about the place. Now, obv. this should not be a problem for a fairly fit, 50 something person, but you know I kinda have a disability and can't actually walk that far. Anyway, I was chatting with a couple of bods who I work with on a fostering panel, and one of them happened to mention that the uni were looking for practice teachers, and would I be interested? I nearly bit off her hand! Yay, my dream job, or what?!

I went along and had a couple of sessions around what the course entails, and what is expected of me, and it was like 'coming home' to something I just 'know.' And, the chance to talk 'grown up' talk of social work speak, ideas, practices, values etc that I have been missing in my work. Let's face it cooking up a storm, scrubbing pots and pans, as well as mopping floors and putting my hand down toilets (not all at the same time, you understand?) and getting a tin of biscuits for my Xmas box, just doesn't really cut it. Well, it wouldn't would it? But, that is not to say that I don't have 'grown up' conversations with my pals, I do, we do, but it will be great to do it in work-time time as well.

At the end of the student's 'Placement Learning Opportunity' I have to make my assessment of whether they will pass of fail. A heck of a load of responsibilty, but I really feel up to this challenge. The course director is impressed with my enthusiasm, and I must admit, I am too. Don't get me wrong, I am in the lucky position of doing work that I do enjoy, or I shall give it up. I have various jobs I do around the place, and work with some really lovely people. Those around me that are not lovely, I don't have to work with so I just ignore them.

It is a bit nerve-wracking as well, though - and so much reading! And these poor students! I am due to meet my first ones over the next few days, so let the challenge begin!

Reading: 'The Year of the Flood' - Margaret Attwood
Seen: 'Julia and Julie' - Meryll Streep is amazing in this, the best thing I've seen her in for ages
Thought for the day: 'What other people say about you behind your back, is none of your business!' I love it, and it is so true.
Studying: Social work, practice placement stuff and a map of the city, so I can find them there students!
Eating: the right things, after the wrong things brought back the IBS
Worrying about: Our friend, Paul, after his serious motorbike accident yesterday, thankfully he's made it through last night; and his wife, Gene. Our love, thoughts and hugs are with them. When Paul is recovered, Mr T will give him hell about avoiding foxes on the road, and sign him up to the anti-foxhunting league!

'Night, 'night. xx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

O dear, another oops.

I don't know why it takes me so long to be posting on here lately, but I do keep up with those I follow. To catch up I am still knitting up a storm - the latest things have been crocheted brooches, which sell quite well thru' word of mouth - some for me and some for the charity knitting group, which is good. Here is a piccie of one I made for a birthday pressie, for someone whose party we are going to tonight. (As she is a very competitive person, the request was for a handmade present, costing no more than £5, and she will choose her favourite. I am not sure what happens to the ones that don't win, and I don't know her that well to know if she'll even like a crocheted brooch, but I like it, so I've enjoyed making it.) The picture is quite dark as it's now evening, and if I put on the flash the mirrored button shone out where nothing else did! Please excuse my crap photo taking.

I am currently making cream coloured jackets for the expected grandchild, who is due in March, but we don't know whether it is a girl or a boy until the next scan. No, I wouldn't usually want to know beforehand, but his/her parents to be are really keen to start living the dream and having a name for their child will, it appears, just add to their joy. For this child's big sister I am knitting a hooded jumper (sweater) with a pouch pocket on the front. She had told me she wanted purple then, after me buying the yarn, decided she wanted stripes. So, I bought a ball of lilac and pink and will mix and match these in.
However, I have been so blimmin' busy with work lately that only one lot of sewing has been done. Now, how to put this delicately. Nah, bugger it. Some time ago, when Mr T and I were off for a weekend away, I treated myself to some new underwear, including some fancy knickers. Nothing racy from that shop you understand, but fripperies and frillies. Well, since then I've hardly worn them as I lost a bit of weight, which just made them uncomfortable to wear. So. As my sewing machine is next to my bedroom I have been able to pop in there and alter them! I don't own an overlocking machine, but do have zig-zag on my sewing machine, so I sew about a half inch (1.5 cm) down each side and the same along the back of the gusset - this being sewn on the right side to stop any unwanted rubbing.

The only problem so far was the day I heard someone come in the front door, who turned out to be my daughter, phew! I was dreading my son-in-law catching me naked at the sewing machine. The poor boy would have fainted, I'm sure!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Yep, it is 'Oops!' I have been reading and generally keeping up with everybody, but these days, barely keeping up with myself! Just been very busy with work and whatnot As well as looking after my gorgeous girlies at times, while their mummy goes off to work. Which has, as you might guess, been lovely but wearing as well.

Well, some news has rocked our socks off here as well - that is our son and his partner are to have a new baby in March of next year! How cool is that? All the more significant as they were told some years ago, that it was unlikely that they could have a child of their own, due to a couple of medical issues. (You'll understand I cannot post about such personal stuff that isn't mine to tell.) Our boy has been a wonderful father to his step-daughter, and is like a dog with two tails that they are adding to their family, as we are!

They are up visiting for this week, and the night before they arrived I was just too excited to sleep, until about 5 am. What a plonker I am. Makes one wonder how I am fit enought to be a granny again in the new year. Can't wait!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What I did in my holidays

bezzie mate

Well, I blinked, and the visit I had at the beginning of JUNE this year, from my bezzie mate has gone into the annals of history! We had quite a busy time of it, yet it was still a lovely and relaxing time as well.

One of the places we visited was Stirling Castle on a beautiful sunny day, with our craft group. We went to see the tapestries they are copying there, and had a brilliant tour of the tapestry weavers at work.

It is a very lovely place to visit, with everything there that you need. And, on the QT, once I'd joined Historic Scotland, those friends around me were getting 20% discount on the gifts they were buying.

We swapped diet tips, recipes and magazines, as well as nearly sticking to said (a combination of Slimmers World and the Gi) diets; oh and we went to a farm where they make their own ice-cream! And, believe it or not, only put on a couple of pounds between us.

Somewhere else we went, was to a craft store at Letham, Forfar, and bought some croxx stitch kits. And, as I am addicted to crafting, so I have now been a 'pusher' and Bezzie Mate is now also addicted, yay result! (She made a very pretty bookmark and, I hear, has finished the bracelet.)

And, of course, at the end of it, she went home with one of my bags!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Not Naff!

I have been involved with a charity knitting group for a while, and thoroughly enjoy it! We knit hats for prem babies, hats for sailors and all manner of things. There are about nineteen of us and we all seem to get on quite well - in fact the level of noisy chatter can reach such a pitch at times that you can't hear yourself think, let alone join in any conversation, at times.

We have decided to make the Christmas boxes for children, and were quite happily making (yet more!) hats, scarves, mittens and cardies for the children. We also decided to take part in the village Flower Festival and she who leads us suggested we knit a bunch of flowers to enter into the flower displays. Well, we entered into it all with great gusto! And, I think it could have been so naff, but isn't. I am so impressed with us all.
Can you see the ladybird, butterfly and bee? Can you spot his eyebrows?! Posted by Picasa We have also knitted, felted and sewn items to sell on a table, at the Festival.
When we send the parcels to be shipped to those in need, there is a £2 fee, which needs to be taped to the lid of the shoebox.
So, the plan is that instead of asking for donations of cash, we will raise what is needed by the sale of our work, and we'll also raffle the bouquet.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Scotch Mist

Wow, this was the view outside my kitchen window the other morning, at 5 am. Summer is on the way, it seems. I went outside, in my dressing-gown and Mr T's slippers to try and capture some of the freshness.

It was so peaceful, and I noticed several bunny rabbits skittering about the place, and even a large hare. But, each one would scatter as I turned to take their picture.

What a treat it was.
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Monday, 29 June 2009

Icing talent

Speaking of nanny's lolly-dolly-pop (not easy to type, surprisingly!) She had her 2nd birthday recently and, look at the beautiful cake her big sister made for her!

We had a very talented cake decorator come to demonstrate some decorating at the Rural, last November. She had us in fits of laughter while making choirestors and penguins out of icing.

Obviously, nanny's best girl and I had taken note and this is the delicious result. I think we have a new talent in the family, especially as the picture in the book had a toothless fish, but NBG wanted to add something extra!

Friday, 26 June 2009


This is the view at the back of our house at 2.30 am this morning. Beginning to get lighter in the new day. I couldn't sleep and got up to get a drink, and was able to see my way to the bathroom without turning on the light.

As I sat here to upload it onto my laptop and then to the blog, I heard the news that Michael Jackson had died at the age of 50.

What a sad man he was - a little boy who never grew up. Some say he was an innocent, but I wonder. I didn't trust him, I'm afraid. I would never trust a man who wants to play with my children, have sleepovers or want to share a bed with them.

I know there is no such thing as 'normal' in this world of ours today, but he was an eccentric, lost little boy. With friends like Uri Geller and David Blaine, it speaks for itself.

He certainly gave us some fantastic music, but I don't think he was the 'icon' the celebs speak of.

Such icons we have these days - Jade Goody and Michael Jackson.

May they rest in peace.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pillowslip dress

Believe it or not, but this dress was cut out of a vintage pillowslip, which is really lovely and soft through the amount of laundering it will have had. It is much thicker than the bedding you can buy in the shops today, it seems. Plus, the lining was some recycled stuff I had in my stash, too. The pattern is a vintage one I bought from Silly Gilly's shop a while ago, when she was having a clear-out. I am really pleased with this, and it looks gorgeous on nanny's little 2 year old lolly-dolly-pop. It is a little too big, but she'll be wearing it for a while yet.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Yep, still here!

Yep, I am still about the place! Just been quite busy, but for the life of me I can't think at what! However, as I write I'm sure my brain will kick in and I shall remember and tell it to you!
Oh, yes - we went to my cousin's wedding in the middle of May, and had a really lovely time. I had made my dress, but when I tried it on I felt that I looked like Hattie Jacques! It just didn't feel right, so I wore a pair of trousers I already owned, and a blouse I bought from e-Bay a couple of years ago, from Next, but didn't fit until now. I also made my bracelet (left) from knitted wire with beads - both new techniques for me and looked lovely.

Next, is the wedding card, made using my new machine embroidery skills. I was supposed to use hot water to take off the backing, but had forgotten to cut out a window in the calico! However, no-one was any the wiser and I was pleased with the result.

As I didn't wear my dress, it meant I was able to use some of the leftover fabric to make my bag (it would have been too, too much to have both, as you can see.) The badges on the front are from Jane Snapdragon's Garden, put into my parcel when I bought two of her lovely linen tea-towels.

And, last and I feel, least, is the fascinator I made. I am not altogether happy with it, especially as I hadn't followed the instructions properly and put the feathers onto wire before pinning them onto it. Most of them fell out after playing air-guitar later on at the reception, anyway!

As we were also visiting family in the area, we stayed at the Duck Inn at Aston Clinton for three nights (at a three for two nights deal) which was very comfortable, relaxed and a fun place to stay. I'd actually forgotten to dye my hair (the grey, the grey!) before we left, so on my way out the door picked up the hair dye and an old towel, and did it at the Inn!

It was a lovely relaxed weekend and, on the way back collected my brother at Newcastle, and he stayed over for the week. When it was time for him to leave I decided to drive him back to Sunderland where he stays, in order for me to get to see the sea and eat some fish and chips!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

A new skill learned

Or, shall I say, attempted? Enjoyed, but not expert, shall we say, or just get on with it?

I recently went on a 'Machine Embroidery' weekend course with the rural (Scottish WI) and had a splendid time. The above is a go at printing my own fabric, by drawing on some calico with fabric crayons and ironing it through some baking parchment. I then laid on some bits and pieces of fabric, yarn and stuff, then lay over some netting. I then stitched pretty patterns in free embroider - then forget to take another photo!

Anyway, I had a fab time, did loads of work - on the Saturday the hours were 9 am - 10 pm, but even then didn't want to put it down and go to my bed!
We did so much and below is a picture of the sum of my weekend's learning. Not bad for a beginner, eh?

The course was held at Craibstone Agricultural College at Aberdeen, which is surrounded by woodland, so I was also able to have an early morning wander about. Which got my head into gear for the long, but interesting hours of getting to know my machine.

Trouble is, now my head is just buzzing with new ideas - the first of which will be a card I will make for my cousin's wedding on the 16th - using hot water disolving fabric. For which I have already bought the silver and varigated threads, collected my white netting - and will show you pictures when it is done.

This is after I have made my new dress, bag and fascinator! Yep, you heard it hear first.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sew, so sew!

Last year, or earlier this year, I learned how to make a bag. This is due to the huge generosity of crafters in blog land and books like 'Bending the Rules' etc. Hence, one of the present ideas for this year has been to make bags. And, I just love it! Here follows some bag picture porn ...

This is a tote with a pocket, for a pal who has recently started to learn how to knit at our charity knitting group

This tote I made for Nanny's best girl, just because she chose the fabrics from my stash,and she loves it.

Now, this is the bag I made for my daughter, for her birthday in February, and I made her a zippered pouch to match. I know where the slight errors are, but she too is pleased with her bag.

Here, I learned how to put in a zippered pocket and a magnetic clasp. I love them, and didn't realise just how bloody easy they would be to do! I shalll do these both again.

Something else I learned, while making this cushion for our one year old great-neice, is to measure and cut correctly ...
and, then I wouldn't have to apply a velcro closing to a cover that is too tight, and the cushion wants to escape!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A little more crafting

As part of my thifty-present-making year, the above is a wee birthday present I made for my step-mother, in March. The pattern is a mobeus neck warmer that came from the new 'Inside Crochet' magazine, and it featured on the cover. I adapted it slightly, as I used some scraps of dk yarn and only did two rows instead of the three of the pattern.
One of the 'stars' went a bit wrong, so I made it into a small broach and attached it to a card - voila! a themed birthday card as well! I am not hugely into crochet, though I like to have a mess about a bit, so I won't be subscribing to this one, but I did enjoy it.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy - with piccies!

Well, first of all I now have my new laptop - hurrah! It is nearly the same as my old (erm, only 14 months old, but didn't survive being dropped) one, but lighter. But, in the meantime I hae been doing some crafting - the first of which I will show to you, thus;

They are 'Embossed Leaves' socks by Mona Schmidt, in the lovely, gorgeous book 'Favorite Socks' 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave and I've done them in Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply, 100% wool.

I just love how the pattern, that is so easy, is so effective and pretty! After I 'd done the first one, I just wanted to frame it!

But, as I was showing off to my daughter, she has bagged this pair. Oh, I spoil those kids!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I've only been and gone and done it!

I've joined the refashionistas at the Wardrobe Refashion group!

I've been following them for a while now, and been v.v. impressed by the ideas that people come up with for changing existing clothing into something else or, as in the latest fashion, out of bedsheets or tablecloths! And, as I had already made a pledge to myself that I would make the family and friends' birthday and Christmas present this year, this seems like the next, logical step to me.

Freakily, I have been collecting household linens to make into other stuff, for ages. They were just awaiting the ideas to pop up for me to cut into those lovely fabrics.

So, now I have just made my pledge that, for the next six months, I will not buy any new clothing for myself and my family. Eek! There is another bit of excitement about the place as well. Me and Mr T have just booked an exciting holiday for early next year - a cruise around the Gulf with a few days chillin' in Dubai! I tell you, I can't sleep for all the excitement (ooh, sorry have I used that word extensively before?!) I have such plans for all the clothes and bags I will be making. I see myself in oranges, reds with white, cream and black, and linen, so far. I shall keep you informed, of course. And, to my daughter and family who do not see us as a cruising couple - there will not be a gold sandal in sight!

Thankful for: a holiday in sight (did I mention that?) Though I have felt poorly today, I am now feeling better this evening. My family are all well, busy and happy.
Learned today: to stick up for myself - it is okay, the sky will not fall down.

I am having a bit of trouble getting pictures onto here at the moment, as my laptop is dead, and I'm having to use Mr T's netbook. And, having to listen to the moans about the amount of spam coming through because of the blog trawling. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the insurance co make up their minds about whether they can (not) mend my dropped one or if I can have a new one.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Sometimes I can be a bit thick, you know? I usually pride myself on being sensitive and reading the signs in people. Which I still do, in fact I'm quite an expert. What I'm not always expert at is taking those signs, recognising them even when I don't want them to be what they are. Signs - those things that point you in the right direction; the road you should take. The signs have now sunk in.

Twaddle and waffle, isn't it? Yes, but. Sorry, but this is about people again. Me and Mr T moved up to Scotland from the heart of England, in Cambridgeshire, where we had full working and very full social lives, becuase we fell in love with the scenery, and found the people to be friendly. Which, on the whole, remains true. The scenery is fantastic, and I've yet to visit a place where it is so stunningly beautiful.

But, the people. Again, on the whole, people is people and usually whether they are Scottish through and through; married to a Scot or, like me, have Scottish heritage in their past, people is nice.

Yet, where we currently stay is in a very small community. And, therein lies the rub. For some, not moving out of this little geographical elbow is hard, even to travel to the shops, some twelve miles away is to be planned for and not done lightly. For others, travelling around on the web is enough. But, for whatever kind some just have little, small minds. It sometimes is like being in a school playground, with those who are 'in' and those who are not. Emails or calls are not answered or returned, you are snubbed or just plain ignored when in company. And, these are people who I have given some rope as I know they have troubles of their own, as we all do. Some have thought I've said or done things against them - broken confidences etc. which I would never, ever do, even if 'someone put pins in my heels' as a long-standing pal would say.

And, there is the thing, isn't it? A long-standing pal - of which I do have many. Good, close friends, who love me warts and all. For whom I am so grateful, and some do read this - so Thank You.

Now then, I have had health issues over the last couple of years. None of which are 'life threatening' however, they are/have been debilitating and depressing. But, I have now more or less come to terms with them. I have spent enough, nay more than enough, energy on those people of whose signs I ignored. No more. I have a wonderful family, sparkly, special friends, work that I enjoy and a life I have managed to put together that is good and fruitful. And, there's plenty more of it left, and that is where I want to spend my energy.

I am such a lucky person and, as it's Spring then the clearing out of the rubbish is now being done. I'll just get some Mr Sheen on those signposts.

ps. I know this is a rant, and I won't apologise as this is my blog, which I initially started so that I had somewhere to be just me, myself, and all the shitty stuff could just be written.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Been Busy

...... Back soon, with 'stuff' - Promise!

But, just to say, that we are both well, at last. Just busy with work and loving the new Spring weather, and lighter mornings.

Thankful for: Good health.
Success: I have sorted out my pal's filing system, phew! Strange, I know, but I do love filing, sorting and then standing back and admiring a system that now works for the person.
Looking forward to: Booking a holiday for later in the year. I want to go to Egypt, but Mr T is holding back from making a booking to see if the prices fall any lower. Good planning, but I just love looking forward to that holiday, knowing that it is booked and we are deffo going!
Need: Patience!

Monday, 23 March 2009


Yep, phew it is. Mr T went to the doc's today, for the result of his X-ray and he's got the all clear. There is just a bit of scarring on his lungs, that looks very old. Mr T thinks that it's probably to do with him having Scarlet Fever when he was a child. This is something he only found out about recently, but remembers going to stay with his auntie and uncle when he was ill at some point.

We are both recovered, it seems, from out coughs and colds and are just tired now. I'm sure a few doses of Metatone Tonic, with lots of fruit and veg, as well as some early nights will do us some good, and get us right as rain again.

Grateful to: good health and a happy family. Nanny's Lolly-dollypop pushed her own dollies pushchair yesterday, for a walk along the river. NBG was very helpful to nanny, which earned her some extra pocket money.
Pleased with: the charity knitting group. It's going from strength to strength, with thirteen people attending, knitting, chatting and laughing out loud, today.
Success: of the hops and lavender mixture I've placed on our bedhead this week. This means that Mr T and I have slept well, and in the same bed for the last four nights. We miss each other if we're not in the same bed.


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Long Gap

Yes, long gap since my last post, sorry. Still have the leftovers now of a kidney infection and labrynthitis, would you believe! We are both getting more sleep now that we have a routine about getting into the spare big bed, so as not to disturb the other. However, I finally persuaded Mr T to go to see the doc on Tuesday (which, for some strange reason I thought was Friday!) who promptly sent him off to the hospital for an X-ray, suspecting pneumonia. Hmm. We are trying not to worry, believing that if anything untoward is happening, they will contact us before his follow-up GP appointment next Monday. Fingers croxxed, eh?

All this feeling ill and having to sit about has meant that I have been getting some knitting done, (a couple of WIP's) - a vest for me, and a jumper for lolly-dollypop and, as I couldn't quite get to sleep last night, I cast on a fair isle neck warmer, pics later as LDP received the jumper last night, so I'll have to rely on mummy to send me a piccie.

For the same reasons as getting the knitting done, my studies are way behind, and I am having to do a 'Substitution' on this, my first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment.) Which is a bit of a blow, but I have at least done some of the reading, and can, if I don't do this TMA, catch up with the next bit. I have a day school on Saturday morning, which I've found suits me much more than doing a computer based course - having company when doing something is much more rewarding than panicking just on your own!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What fun!

Not only has the bronchial virus come back to bite me, with all achy limbs and coughing up fluorescent stuff, but I have now developed a nasty bout of cystitis. Something I have not had for many years.

This just leaves me doing only what I can, when I can. Especially, as Mr T is also poorly with the chesty virus thingy, and SNORES loudly, so I decamp to the spare bed.

So, I'm just being pale and interesting and watching afternoon films on the telly. Good job malteasers help, isn't it?

Monday, 9 March 2009


When will this winter of snow and colds and phlegm end?

I have just had some lovely visitors to stay - my cousin and his wife on my father's side of the family. And, what a wonderful visit it was. Catching up on the missing years, remembering when we knew each other before, when we were very young and the scariest hairstyles from the past! The time went so quickly, but we won't lose touch again, and there is a big family party planned for late summer, when my children can be introduced to their heritage, some of which is very interesting, and posher than I had thought - (London) Kensington roots, instead of Hackney for one. It still appears that the 'craft' side of my talents are from my mother's side, though.

On my mother's side, I went down to England for the scattering of my aunt and uncle's ashes last weekend. I travelled down by train and, it was just on the last leg that I really began to think of what I was going for. My cousin had asked us to think about what we might like to say, and I jotted down a few words, thus;

'Moreen and John, we've all been unsettled these last few months, since losing you both. You are much loved and missed so very much.

Your legacy - a warm and welcoming family, are testement to the long lasting, committed marriage you had, and would have celebrated with your Golden Wedding, this weekend.

A perfect time for us to all tell you, this last Goodbye'

There then followed a week where I suffered a bronchial virus, and am still feeling quite unwell. However, we had our NBG and Lolly-dollypop to stay over on Saturday night. And, while NBG was doing some sewing, LPD was very busy with her cooking on Sunday morning,

Like others in my family, I have been a bit depressed since Moreen and John, and then uncle Ralph died last year. But, this varied and colourful week I've just had has shown me that yes, people do die and we miss and mourn them; but we do have that past, the precious present and the very important future.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Just a Quickie

Is just what I've been having each morning this week. No, naughty, not that kind, though Mr T wouldn't be averse!

Just a quick walk before breakfast is what I have been doing. And, what a difference it makes to my day. I am spoiled in that I get a cup of tea brought to me each morning, I drink that and take my pills (yep, still the back ones) then, get dressed in the first things I find and troll out the door for my morning perambulation.

Luckily, I have a choice of going up the hill, or down the drive to the gate. No, I'm not a rich landowner, but rather I work for one. And, each morning I am greeted by nature! The other morning was frost and sunshine, and a woodpecker morse-coding on the weather-vane; Tuesday morning was a red squirrel running circles around the trunk of a tree.

Then, this morning, at the un-heard of hour for me of 7 am, I caught sight of the white powder-puff bottoms of four roe deer I had disturbed, who loped quietly off up the hill.

Sorry, I have no pictures, as I keep getting caught unawares. I think I'll have to set something up on purpose.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Library Visit

Nanny's lolly-dolly-pop had her first ever visit to the library this afternoon, for story-time. Her eyes lit up at the sight of all the books about the place, and she didn't want to sit still to listen to any story, thank you!

She eventually did settle down a bit, once mummy had removed herself from sitting nicely on the carpet, as a good example. And, one of the highlights was crayoning in the drawing (which the librarian had made up to suit today's stories,) and glueing pictures onto the paper for the first time.

She enjoyed herself so much, and we squealed with delight when we saw her name on her very own library card!

We'll be regular visitors, from now on.

Monday, 16 February 2009

No Problem

Me: Hello?

Mr Boss: Hello, Karen, how are you?

Mr: I'm very well (shouting back, he's hard of hearing.) How are you?

Mr Boss: Good, good. I've been thinking about the 15th of August, and I think we'll have a fork lunch.

Me: er, okay. Now, when is that date again?

Mr Boss: I'm coming up in June, but not July, and we'll have a fork lunch, hopefully outside. And, it won't matter how many are coming. Is that alright?

Me: So, you'll be here in June, and then again in August for your party?

Mr Boss: Yes, that's right!

Me: That will be wonderful, Mr Boss. We'll look forward to it.

Mr Boss: Right-o, goodbye then.

It appears there will be a party to organise, which we know will be on Saturday the 15th. And, I've to organise a 'fork lunch' - presumeably a buffet where plates and forks, no knives, are used. It could be indoors or outside, and numbers have yet to be confirmed, so that could be for twelve people or forty, or fifty, or sixty..... then.

Shall we have goat's cheese and red onion tart and merangue roulade with raspberry cream? Or sausage rolls and cheese with pinapple on sticks, followed by tinned fruit cocktail with evap? Do you dare me?!

Ah, that'll be me busy then.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

A Big Ask ...

.... is Oz for an appeal, apparently. These people all need all of our help. Some have lost everything - their families, their parents, their homes. Everything.

Please Help.

Click on the link on the right there.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Yep, a snowy picture

Boy, did we have some snow yesterday! It started about 7.30 am, just when I was due to go out the door, and didn't stop until late afternoon, about 6 inches in all. Unfortunately, it fell upon ice so a tad dangerous.
However, it has started a slow melt today, which is a relief.
The day previously, some of us from our craft group and the rural attended the funeral of one of our members, Anne. It was a very sad occasion, despite her family wanting the service to be a celebration, and we all had some tears. I didn't know Anne all that well, we were not close, but we did like each other - she did have some funny views though, and I will remember some of the shockers she would come out with, none of which I could repeat here. But, she was a quiet and gentle lady-like, warm and giving person. She will be missed very much. And, the weather was absolutely beautiful for her send off.
Although we are trying the services of home delivery grocery shopping from A*d* today, I needed to go to town for some errands. As we were travelling at a good pace, I was third in line of the traffic, and the sliver car in the front was losing the covering of snow from its roof. It was so comical, the way the snow was being thrown off, willy nilly, into the path of the middle car. Made I laugh out loud!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A lovely Award!

I just got this lovely Award from Dusty Spider isn't it Lovely! Thanks, Flick!

Now then, I have the great pleasure of passing this on to eight deserving others, along with the following text:

"These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbon of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."
I pass on the praise to:
Primrose Hill who is currently curled up by the fire, in hibernation X
Spiral Skies who needs no excuse for procrastination
Ducking for Apples who couldn't use a cuddle?
Jane's Probably Knitting already itching for Spring
Sound of One Handed Knitting who sports a sparkly straight-jacket for us all!
Random Thoughts from Another Dilettante who's now 50 + (followers) yay
Random Blethers another one hitting the books
Shabby Chick who is just 'hip'
Plus one extra, for Silly Gilly who is part of the 'Hand Made Help' appeal, for assisting those survivors of the Victorian Bushfires - go check it out, please.
What fun this was, to remember such lovely, and friendly people in blogland - thanks for this, Flick x
Edit Update: Please take one, too Alfazema You lovely, lovely lady x

Monday, 9 February 2009

middle, muddle, puddle

I don't have anything to show this week, though I have finished a pair of fingerless gloves, which I started probably about a year ago. The yarn is Rowan cashmarino aran, and is not hardwearing at all, and the pattern is knitted in the round on 4 dpns.

My workroom is more or less finished, just needing 'my touches' you know the things that go to make it personal.

We went to see 'Valkyri' yesterday and, while I was perching on the edge of my seat, as it was a cracking good yarn well told, that Tom Cruise (euyuck,grr) did spoil it a bit for me. There were close-ups of him that showed his 'internal angst' but, I felt he was just being Tom Cruise for the most part, whereas the others in the cast were marvellous. Go and see it. To my shame though, I didn't know if the plan to kill off hitler had come off, as I didn't know the date of his death! Crap, I am at history.

Which is quite pertinent, actually. Mr T was telling me, yesterday, that I am crabbit, as they say, here, for mardy or moody. And, apparently, I was blaming him for stuff that just wasn't his fault. You know the way we do.

Well, I had a think about it and realised that yes, I was being crabby, and it was because the start of my OU course was on Saturday, and I need to get down to it and just get on with it. I always get nervous at the start of a course, thinking 'EEk, I just don't know about this!' Whether I can do it etc So, I guess I'll just start at the beginning, and see where I get to.

And, let Mr T know that I forgive him!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Sheltering by the fire

Well, at last we're feeling a lot better, thank goodness. But, I don't seem to have been very busy.

Just a couple of things, though.

Hats for Sailors! These are a couple I did this week, from donated wool, for our charity knitting group. They'll be given to somebody who will distribute them (along with all the others which have been done) to sailors and fishermen. It is a lovely group, and one person had not really knitted before, yet she knitted a whole hat in one week! An impressive lot, too.

Also, along with my wanting to make as much as I can this year, I have made this,

It's a little bit of needle felting for my neice's birthday card. I've never done this before, but luckily have a book on it here which I got when I went to Twist Fibre Studio recently. I think it looks like a birthday cake from here, don't you?

The reason I've not been doing a lot of crafty stuff this week is because - ta da! - I have my new workroom nearly done!

Pictures will follow shortly.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Very Letter - 'V'

Warning - Long, long post

I read this post, by the lovely Roo Knits about writing a list, and I thought I would have a go, as it were.

What you have to do is email for a letter and, when you've got it, then list 10 things you love, beginning with that letter. So, without further ado, and because I found it intriguing, here goeth mine:

1 I have always been proud of my Voluptuous figure. It is not as slim as it should be, but I do have a bust, waist and hips.

2 Velvet skin – I have unlikely skin, as I’m going to be 52 this year, and my facial skin should be ravaged by the constant mediation I take, and I am a sun-lover – my skin is surprisingly Velvety.

3 I love difference, Variety – in people, in music, books, interests, crafts. I have a Varied list of stuff I am interested in – not just knitting, but sewing, felting, embroidery, painting – I just wish I could draw

4 Holidays and Visiting different places. It’s not often we will go back to a place for a holiday, leading into another one, which is ......

5 Venturing – I am not scared of trying or travelling to something or somewhere on my own. I just don’t want to miss out on anything for anyone! I went on a walking holiday to Italy on my own, as Mr T didn’t want to go, and loved it; I would have gone on my own to China, if a pal hadn’t wanted to go along (I chose China, to teach English for three weeks, as I didn’t know anyone else who had been there!)

6 Not having had a brilliant up-bringing, I’ve had to learn my own Values, along with Mr T. Ones I hold most dear are honesty and trust, which I try my utmost to live up to, however, I am only human!

7 I have few things of monetary value – some pieces of jewellery, which I’ve built up over the years, and don’t stand to inherit anything from the olds. However, my really most Valuable assets are Mr T, my children and grand-daughters, who I love very much, as well as my extended family. And, of course my Very dear friends.

8 For some years I dreamt about being in an old building, walking through all the rooms, sometimes they held furniture, in others the rooms were bare. But, I would make my way up to the attics and there I would find chests of drawers. Opening the drawers I would find vintage linen - sheets and pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, but rarely clothes. I would handle them reverently and just enjoy them. Now, I am lucky enough to work in such an old house and deal with the linens in the linen cupboard - spooky! Also, as I've got older I've developed more of an obession with Vintage things, and I use them, such as the Prestige cooking implements I own, crockery, cutlery etc. As I hold them, I just love the feeling that they have had a life before, and wonder at the stories they could tell!

9 Vim, Vigour and Vitality - are attributes I strive to have which, often, especially at this time of year can be elusive to me. I should take Vitamins and minerals to fortify me, but then sometimes I can be Very empty-headed!

10 Vacation - I know I've already had Visiting and Various, but I just lurve going on Vacation (holiday to us Brits) especially to somewhere different. I have been lucky enough to go to some far flung places in the world, and I have a long list of places still to visit. Rejuvik, Russia, New Zealand, some of America, Greenland, more of Europe and more of Africa - and next year's biggy will be India (for mine and Mr T's 35th wedding anniversary.)

I just love looking at people's lives in these very different places, and am just so surprised at just how different they are. F'instance in China it is not expected that women will smoke in public, and there are still women whose feet had been bound; the way they speak can sound aggressive, but they are the most polite of people. In Africa, some people still live in mud huts, and the average life expectancy is 32 years, due to the Aids epidemic; In America (Columbus, Ohio) I recognised hardly any of the food on offer, even at KFC, and, though generally helpful and friendly, I was shocked at the overt racism I heard from some hospital workers; In Germany people wanted to speak English, but in France (and Wales) they stuck to their own language; In Sri Lanka the people were so industrious, that they use every part of the palm trees, and their literacy rates are nearly 95%; they washed their clothes in the same river that the elephants use for their toilet, yet their whites were pristine! As you can see, this is one thing I am passionate about!

Sorry for the length of this, but do have a go at it. I thought it would be hard to find the ten things for the letter V, but have been surprised.

ADDED a bit later - just to say that the observations I have cited about other people and other countries (than Britain, where I live) I have visited, these are some of the things which have made an impression upon me, and not generalisations about all the people or practices in those countries.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

At Last! Feeling better

At last I am feeling better today, still wobbly and still full of cattaarrrgh (which gives a lovely husky sounding voice!) but the appetite is back (pity, I was finding it easy to follow Paul Mickennarh's advie and 'stop eating as soon as you fell full' now ravenous would best describe my tummy) and I feel more like me again.

Mr T has been diagnosed as having a sinus infection and been duly given anti-biotics, and slept a little better last night.

So, I have to stop taking the piss out of his man 'flu and nurse him better.

A woman's work is never done, is it?!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr Burns

When making a speech along the lines of an 'Answer for the Lassies' at a Burns Night Supper it, apparently, is supposed to be elegant, sweet and, well, not too long. And, mine would have been all of these, or none of these, but it would've gone okay. I planned to speak about the difficulty of trying to make gay repartee about the gentler sex (read = male and 'all the time, please') without resorting to the base level of just plain sexism.

I would then have gone on to explain (or commiserate with my sisterhood) that this was quite a challenge but, as I am from the stronger sex, do-able. I had lined up a short burst of analysis on whether Rabbie himself, being now of the age 250 years, would be a 'grumpy old man' were he still of this mortal coil. Together with some of what he may have thought of the lack of buses on our roads, the price of a pint and the slow speed of the Internet, in this modern (for us, very rural) world.

I had found a poeti account of how our male counterparts could score points with their women folk, in the bums and bigness realms, etc. Though, having sired at least 14 illegitimate children, he clearly had such a way with women that he could point the modern man in the right direction. Meanwhile taking advice on where he could locate a working condom machine.

However, all was not to be. The cold still rages within this house and home. We, feeling ill and sick with guilt, had to cancel our attendance at our pal's hostelry. Where, thankfully, Kathryn still has a copy of her last year's speech, which she was happy to deliver.

Speaking of deliveries, we did wonder if we could email them, to send us our haggis, tatties and neaps - as we'd nothing in for our dinner!


Friday, 23 January 2009

Criminal book-binding

I am up in the early hours because I can't sleep. Not unusual for me, and not for any big worries, just you know, several things tearing around in my brain, such as things I haven't done that I should've; and things I have done that, maybe, I shouldn't have.

One that won't bother me one jot, but will, I know, bother some others.

*Warning to those of a sensitive nature - about books

That is the criminal book-binding I have done on my set book for AA310 Film & Television History with the Open University. This is a fat and heavy book, from which I am sure, I will gain a fount of knowledge and enjoy reading. Except I can't, in its original form, as it is very uncomfortable with my back condition.

Try as I might, I could not hold it while sitting and reading, or laying down, or even sitting with it on the table. The OU have kindly sent me the course books in spiral-bound format, which is most helpful and those books are thinner, thus lighter.

So, I've taken a bread knife to the spine, and divided it up into the four sections, thus;

Ah, that's better. Though I have to add that this is not my idea originally - that fame belongs to a. n. other, on the A215 Creative Writing course of 2006, who murdered one 'BRB' (Big Red Book) in this manner, most successfully I understand.
*Sorry to those who hate even pencil marks in books - I believe, however, that books are to be used to their full potential, annotations, warts and all (unless I'm re-selling them on ebay or amazon, then I keep them in pristine condition, for the higher price they fetch.)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Still dot a dold - but guess who wins?!

Yep, Tea Towers is still under the deluge of the sodding and sodden, cold invasion.

Like many households though, there is a competition. Mr T feels that he feels worse than anyone as he coff, coffs his way throughout any telly programme I might be watching. And, throughout the night, even after taking double doses of night nurse(see, he is that ill he needs two lots of stuff that would knock out the ordinary horse.)

And, to top it all, it is my fault that we are ill at all. It was because I wanted to visit our sick daughter and her two sick girls, on our return from darn sarf, that we came down with it within 24 hours.

Said sick daughter and I were discussing the situation this morning, and we've come to the conclusion that, even though she is ill and is looking after her two sick girls, as well as running the household; and, even though I am ill and having to look after said sick Mr T, and running the household and going to work, Mr T wins.

After all, he has to look after the DOG! as well as being ill.

Monday, 19 January 2009


It is achoo! and oh dear, I'm afraid. We went away for the weekend, full of vim and vigour to enjoy some lovely company, do some cooking and walking on the beach.

Humph! Friday was lovely, we went for an Indian meal, which was devine. 'Saturday Kitchen' had a lovely recipe for roast shoulder of lamb - well hogget (the old season lamb.) Which I did for our dinner as my bro works at a charity shop on Saturdays. That was delicious, too.

Then, Sunday morning saw me being, shall be say, ill from my bottom half, with a gastric-type-virus. All day. Until the evening time. When even the retching stopped.

No fun when you're sneezing at the same time!

My lovely Mr T looked after me beyond the call of duty, and my bro brought me offerings of dried toast and (luckily, bottled) water.

So, we returned home today, and I feel a lot better.

Just the achoo's to deal with now.

Friday, 16 January 2009

All change

Well, the only change is to my header. I can't stand that I haven't been able to take the time and learn how to make the picture fit nicely into the space. I will, one day, but not today.

'Cos today (that is after I've been to bed, had a sleep and woken up again) I am off to the north-ish of England to see my bro'! NBG and I stayed at his flat in the summer for a few days, while he buggered off to Australia for a few weeks, which was very brill. However, I think he was a bit miffed that we don't go there when he is there, too. So, this weekend we are!

Normal service, or better service, will be resumed on my return next week. Which is a v.v. exciting week to be - because, da da! I am sorting out the 2nd spare room into being my workroom, at blinkin' last, eh?! Pictures and everything will be revealed, as soon as it is all done.

Meanwhile, remember the bag I made and showed to you in my last post? Well, I made another one for nanny's lolly-dolly-pop, for her to bring her toys to nanny and grandad's house, and, well it just won 1st prize in our comp. at the rural! Wa-hey!

Back soon, have a lovely weekend. x

Saturday, 10 January 2009

One to Fifty

Well, the tenth of January, and we have two birthdays today, boys and girls

The youngest grand-daughter of my bezzy mate is a whole year old today. And, despite her nana dressing her up in an Elf suit for Christmas (I know, it can't be resisted, can it?) she is sooooo cute. I know she goes to see her nana quite a lot, and I'm sure she takes some toys around there with her,
so I made a little bag to take them in,
and embroidered a label inside for her. (Bezzy mate commented that I had been remiss in not adding a label into the bag I made for her for Christmas. Which I will remedy when/if she brings it up on a visit, soon.) I really enjoyed making this, and the card and tag - who knew that being 'thrifty' would be such fun?

The other birthday is my neighbour's fiftieth today. Bah, she really doesn't look her age at all, which might be something to do with being a farmer, and being out in the blistering (!) Scottish heat of summer, and the bitter cold of winter. Mr T and I were out of doors in very windy weather this morning, pinning up 'Happy Birthday!' notices onto fences and trees this morning tee, hee.

Yes, it was still a bit dark when I took this!

I was just going to get her some flowers, but decided mid-week, that I should make something. So, a scarf and easy fingerless mitts have been produced. I like them so much I might do some for myself!

Yesterday, I went to learn how to make a felted tea-cosy, which was so much easier than I thought it would be. More of that later, will a piccie, for reasons that will become clear.

Well now, Mr T has just chipped away at the ground to lift me some leeks, so that I can make the leek and potato soup, requested by NBG for her lunch! She and nanny's lolly-dollypop are coming to stay overnight as mummy is going on the razz, with her mates, as daddy is away at his work.

Laters, peeps.

Friday, 2 January 2009


Yes, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

I know it's a bit 'samey' as everyone else, but I really do hope that 2oo9 will be the year, you know the year that will be bigger and better than the last one.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who sent me such support throughout this last year - it was a big stuggle at times, what with illness and the death of three of my family. However, there were some good and some great times, too.

Christmas brought me such joy this year, though I simply wasn't ready on time at all, and one special friend is still awaiting her 'main' present. Said friend, the lovely Flick, sent me the most beautful calendar. It was made up of photos of her visits to me here in Scotland, which brought me to tears with its special-ness, it is very precious. Our son actually bought me and Mr T cards, with lovely words, and presents, And, sent them in the post to arrive in time for the Big Day - unheard of. Our daughter and her family stayed with us, and we all had such a lovely time - though tiring, especially as Lolly-Dolly-Pop kept nanny and grandad up until 2.3oam on Christmas morning. And she is now walking! At blimmin' last - still holding on to your finger so tightly that it goes white and nearly drops off, but she grins at how clever she is! This is now at risk of sounding like those boastful round-robin letters you get each year (except the main one we always get never mentions any of their son's friends or partners, in amonsgt the nurses, accountants and army captains his siblings are bragged about!)

So, there you are, 2008 gone and a sparkly new 2009 is here!

Well now, Resolutions. You know you have to make them, and then break them, don't you. So, here are some of mine, in no particular order. Please feel free to not comment on them, as I know that some people's resolutions can be as exciting as that fifth set of holiday snaps.

1) Will continue to think of going on a diet
2) Will always wear lipstick and earrings
3) Will make more than I buy - pressies, food, clothes
4) Will complete my study this year (AA310 with Open University)
5) Will do more sewing - something I really want to get more into
6) Will knit more socks - have some lovely sock wool to use up
7) is my lucky number, and Will blog more often, as I love reading about you all.

Karen x