Friday, 13 February 2009

Yep, a snowy picture

Boy, did we have some snow yesterday! It started about 7.30 am, just when I was due to go out the door, and didn't stop until late afternoon, about 6 inches in all. Unfortunately, it fell upon ice so a tad dangerous.
However, it has started a slow melt today, which is a relief.
The day previously, some of us from our craft group and the rural attended the funeral of one of our members, Anne. It was a very sad occasion, despite her family wanting the service to be a celebration, and we all had some tears. I didn't know Anne all that well, we were not close, but we did like each other - she did have some funny views though, and I will remember some of the shockers she would come out with, none of which I could repeat here. But, she was a quiet and gentle lady-like, warm and giving person. She will be missed very much. And, the weather was absolutely beautiful for her send off.
Although we are trying the services of home delivery grocery shopping from A*d* today, I needed to go to town for some errands. As we were travelling at a good pace, I was third in line of the traffic, and the sliver car in the front was losing the covering of snow from its roof. It was so comical, the way the snow was being thrown off, willy nilly, into the path of the middle car. Made I laugh out loud!

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