Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Yep, it is 'Oops!' I have been reading and generally keeping up with everybody, but these days, barely keeping up with myself! Just been very busy with work and whatnot As well as looking after my gorgeous girlies at times, while their mummy goes off to work. Which has, as you might guess, been lovely but wearing as well.

Well, some news has rocked our socks off here as well - that is our son and his partner are to have a new baby in March of next year! How cool is that? All the more significant as they were told some years ago, that it was unlikely that they could have a child of their own, due to a couple of medical issues. (You'll understand I cannot post about such personal stuff that isn't mine to tell.) Our boy has been a wonderful father to his step-daughter, and is like a dog with two tails that they are adding to their family, as we are!

They are up visiting for this week, and the night before they arrived I was just too excited to sleep, until about 5 am. What a plonker I am. Makes one wonder how I am fit enought to be a granny again in the new year. Can't wait!