Sunday, 31 July 2011


Well, sorry for being away quite so long - I don't think I've had such a long gap between posts before, and wonder if anyone will still be looking in, even!

I have had a busy time of it lately, though, and will try to relate it all here!  In May I had my first 'blogger' meet, when I met up with Suzanne, from Fieldy (she writes about it in that link) and had a lovely time with our knitting, drinking coffe and chatting, in IKEA in Glasgow.  We swapped pressies, and I came away with the most gorgeous 100% wool, in various shades that I hope to use once I've perfected my colour work, bless you, Suzanne.

Also, we have barely been home, these last few months, it seems as we had a wedding darn sarf in Cambridgeshire of our very great pal, G to Mark.  Married in church G is not the sylph-like tall woman of the usual bride pictures, but she is very pretty and I found tears in my eyes as she walked down the aisle with her proud father, and looking so elegant and stunning, and they are such a happy and 'in love' couple.  Also, it was a strange phenomenon to be in the company of so many 'fat' women!  I know it might seem a strange thing to say, some might think me unkind, but I really felt so comfortable to be 'average' instead of the 'largest' person there. Though, of course, G and I made our usual statement of 'This time next year, I'll be thinn....'  to each other.

In June we went trolling darn to Milton Keynes to a family BBQ, which was great fun and so lovely to see all our family, on my side, anyway - though by this time I have fallen out of love with Travvvelllodge (comfy beds, not!) Just back from there, I turned straight around and went to Durham to see my bessy mate, and had such a lovely, relaxed time HERE  We talked and ate, slept and repeated same for three whole days = bliss. Walking around the grounds we saw two herds of deer in the deer park, the gorgeous flower gardens and, in a valley, a summer house - simply gorgeous!

  So lovely to just sit around and catch up, without any distractions of work etc and simply a 'must' again next year.

Just last week we made the journey back down to Hertfordshire this time, for my cousin's wedding H to another Mark.  A different experience this time as everything took place in the Country Manor House where the reception was, also.  I don't know which I prefer as I am not a religious person (my faith is in people, and their inner goodness - but that is discussion for another day, perhaps?) but Church is part of our culture.  However, a civil service can be made so personal, can't it?  But, this was a small wedding, with great focus on H and her sister's small children as they were very much part of the party.  It was lovely to meet them, as well as other cousin's babies, who are the next generation in line.

Our wedding anniversary was in June, and I was married in a Register Office in a cream and brown dress a la 1970s that I had bought in a sale!  This was 36 years ago now, and I don't regret any of my wedding, especially as it was just very close family and a couple of friends, and a Wedgwood blue wedding cake with a tea round at Mr T's dad's house, then a meal at a Chinese Restaurant in the evening with our best friends.  These friends had given us a bottle of champagne to have on our own, which fizzed all over our bed!  So, we slept in champagne, then my nan came around in the morning to collect my bouquet to take to my aunty's grave for me - and, as we only had one rented room, sat on the bed with Mr T still in it, undressed as it were, so he had to stay put for the duration of the visit!  Happy, happy days, and thank goodness, though we do bicker and argue we still love each other, deeply.  Thank goodness.

That is enough of the catching up for today.  See you soon, I hope.