Thursday, 30 April 2009

Sew, so sew!

Last year, or earlier this year, I learned how to make a bag. This is due to the huge generosity of crafters in blog land and books like 'Bending the Rules' etc. Hence, one of the present ideas for this year has been to make bags. And, I just love it! Here follows some bag picture porn ...

This is a tote with a pocket, for a pal who has recently started to learn how to knit at our charity knitting group

This tote I made for Nanny's best girl, just because she chose the fabrics from my stash,and she loves it.

Now, this is the bag I made for my daughter, for her birthday in February, and I made her a zippered pouch to match. I know where the slight errors are, but she too is pleased with her bag.

Here, I learned how to put in a zippered pocket and a magnetic clasp. I love them, and didn't realise just how bloody easy they would be to do! I shalll do these both again.

Something else I learned, while making this cushion for our one year old great-neice, is to measure and cut correctly ...
and, then I wouldn't have to apply a velcro closing to a cover that is too tight, and the cushion wants to escape!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A little more crafting

As part of my thifty-present-making year, the above is a wee birthday present I made for my step-mother, in March. The pattern is a mobeus neck warmer that came from the new 'Inside Crochet' magazine, and it featured on the cover. I adapted it slightly, as I used some scraps of dk yarn and only did two rows instead of the three of the pattern.
One of the 'stars' went a bit wrong, so I made it into a small broach and attached it to a card - voila! a themed birthday card as well! I am not hugely into crochet, though I like to have a mess about a bit, so I won't be subscribing to this one, but I did enjoy it.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Busy - with piccies!

Well, first of all I now have my new laptop - hurrah! It is nearly the same as my old (erm, only 14 months old, but didn't survive being dropped) one, but lighter. But, in the meantime I hae been doing some crafting - the first of which I will show to you, thus;

They are 'Embossed Leaves' socks by Mona Schmidt, in the lovely, gorgeous book 'Favorite Socks' 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave and I've done them in Patons Fairytale Dreamtime 4ply, 100% wool.

I just love how the pattern, that is so easy, is so effective and pretty! After I 'd done the first one, I just wanted to frame it!

But, as I was showing off to my daughter, she has bagged this pair. Oh, I spoil those kids!

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

I've only been and gone and done it!

I've joined the refashionistas at the Wardrobe Refashion group!

I've been following them for a while now, and been v.v. impressed by the ideas that people come up with for changing existing clothing into something else or, as in the latest fashion, out of bedsheets or tablecloths! And, as I had already made a pledge to myself that I would make the family and friends' birthday and Christmas present this year, this seems like the next, logical step to me.

Freakily, I have been collecting household linens to make into other stuff, for ages. They were just awaiting the ideas to pop up for me to cut into those lovely fabrics.

So, now I have just made my pledge that, for the next six months, I will not buy any new clothing for myself and my family. Eek! There is another bit of excitement about the place as well. Me and Mr T have just booked an exciting holiday for early next year - a cruise around the Gulf with a few days chillin' in Dubai! I tell you, I can't sleep for all the excitement (ooh, sorry have I used that word extensively before?!) I have such plans for all the clothes and bags I will be making. I see myself in oranges, reds with white, cream and black, and linen, so far. I shall keep you informed, of course. And, to my daughter and family who do not see us as a cruising couple - there will not be a gold sandal in sight!

Thankful for: a holiday in sight (did I mention that?) Though I have felt poorly today, I am now feeling better this evening. My family are all well, busy and happy.
Learned today: to stick up for myself - it is okay, the sky will not fall down.

I am having a bit of trouble getting pictures onto here at the moment, as my laptop is dead, and I'm having to use Mr T's netbook. And, having to listen to the moans about the amount of spam coming through because of the blog trawling. Normal service will be resumed as soon as the insurance co make up their minds about whether they can (not) mend my dropped one or if I can have a new one.

Sunday, 12 April 2009


Sometimes I can be a bit thick, you know? I usually pride myself on being sensitive and reading the signs in people. Which I still do, in fact I'm quite an expert. What I'm not always expert at is taking those signs, recognising them even when I don't want them to be what they are. Signs - those things that point you in the right direction; the road you should take. The signs have now sunk in.

Twaddle and waffle, isn't it? Yes, but. Sorry, but this is about people again. Me and Mr T moved up to Scotland from the heart of England, in Cambridgeshire, where we had full working and very full social lives, becuase we fell in love with the scenery, and found the people to be friendly. Which, on the whole, remains true. The scenery is fantastic, and I've yet to visit a place where it is so stunningly beautiful.

But, the people. Again, on the whole, people is people and usually whether they are Scottish through and through; married to a Scot or, like me, have Scottish heritage in their past, people is nice.

Yet, where we currently stay is in a very small community. And, therein lies the rub. For some, not moving out of this little geographical elbow is hard, even to travel to the shops, some twelve miles away is to be planned for and not done lightly. For others, travelling around on the web is enough. But, for whatever kind some just have little, small minds. It sometimes is like being in a school playground, with those who are 'in' and those who are not. Emails or calls are not answered or returned, you are snubbed or just plain ignored when in company. And, these are people who I have given some rope as I know they have troubles of their own, as we all do. Some have thought I've said or done things against them - broken confidences etc. which I would never, ever do, even if 'someone put pins in my heels' as a long-standing pal would say.

And, there is the thing, isn't it? A long-standing pal - of which I do have many. Good, close friends, who love me warts and all. For whom I am so grateful, and some do read this - so Thank You.

Now then, I have had health issues over the last couple of years. None of which are 'life threatening' however, they are/have been debilitating and depressing. But, I have now more or less come to terms with them. I have spent enough, nay more than enough, energy on those people of whose signs I ignored. No more. I have a wonderful family, sparkly, special friends, work that I enjoy and a life I have managed to put together that is good and fruitful. And, there's plenty more of it left, and that is where I want to spend my energy.

I am such a lucky person and, as it's Spring then the clearing out of the rubbish is now being done. I'll just get some Mr Sheen on those signposts.

ps. I know this is a rant, and I won't apologise as this is my blog, which I initially started so that I had somewhere to be just me, myself, and all the shitty stuff could just be written.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Been Busy

...... Back soon, with 'stuff' - Promise!

But, just to say, that we are both well, at last. Just busy with work and loving the new Spring weather, and lighter mornings.

Thankful for: Good health.
Success: I have sorted out my pal's filing system, phew! Strange, I know, but I do love filing, sorting and then standing back and admiring a system that now works for the person.
Looking forward to: Booking a holiday for later in the year. I want to go to Egypt, but Mr T is holding back from making a booking to see if the prices fall any lower. Good planning, but I just love looking forward to that holiday, knowing that it is booked and we are deffo going!
Need: Patience!