Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pink sky at night ...

... is Shepherd's delight. Well, this scenery delighted me as we travelled down to town the other day. I made Mr T stop the car so I could get this picture from the car window. Luckily, no-one was behind us, who would say '... some bloody idiot stopped on the busy, main road!' I don't care, though, if they were, it was beautiful.
Well, how was your Christmas? Hopefully, as peaceful and enjoyable as ours was - with the dinner of the year being as fabulous as ours was. We spent the day with our daughter and her family, while ringing around the country to speak to other members of the family. Then, drove over to Aviemore for Boxing Day, to visit with Mr T's brother and his wife. The snow there was much heavier than here at Glenshee, so we left at about 5pm to drive home, having to stop fairly often to clear the windscreen of the muck being thrown up from other traffic.
Ooh, it was lovely to kick our shoes by the front door, to get the snow off them, put a match to the woodburner, and settle down with a cuppa, mince pie and the telly. Bliss.
I wish you all a very happy, and/or peaceful holiday and all you would hope for the New Year of 2010.


Amanda said...

I'm glad you had such a lovely time. Having grown up children is quite wonderful isn't it? I'm very envious that you can just put a match to your wood burner...I don't know what i'm doing wrong with mine but it always fizzles out once the kindling is gone! Love Amanda xxx

tea and cake said...

Hi Amanda! well, we use dry logs - I know this sounds simple, but if they are even a wee bit damp, they just sizzle and steam. Anyway, hope your pa and step-mama should be keeping you warm about now, anyway?!

French Knots said...

Of course you had to stop - who would want to miss a photo of such a lovely view!
Sounds like a super Christmas.