Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A little more crafting

As part of my thifty-present-making year, the above is a wee birthday present I made for my step-mother, in March. The pattern is a mobeus neck warmer that came from the new 'Inside Crochet' magazine, and it featured on the cover. I adapted it slightly, as I used some scraps of dk yarn and only did two rows instead of the three of the pattern.
One of the 'stars' went a bit wrong, so I made it into a small broach and attached it to a card - voila! a themed birthday card as well! I am not hugely into crochet, though I like to have a mess about a bit, so I won't be subscribing to this one, but I did enjoy it.


Some Chilean Woman said...

I am so down with the thrifty gift idea! Nice job little lady!

tea and cake said...

Thank you, SCW!