Wednesday, 21 July 2010

'If you think I'm sexy ....' tra, la! and All Sewn Up

Wow, what a week this has been!  We were invited to a friend's 50th birthday party on Saturday, which we were intending to go.  But, then I was informed by my daughter that, as it was my birthday on Saturday, I needed to cancel any plans I had made as she had a surprise present for me.  Hmm, it was quite hard to telephone my friend to let her know we weren't coming.

BUT!  what was the surprise? You've guessed from the title of this post, right?  YES!  tickets for a Rod Stewart concert at Inverness, yay!!!  What a performance he gave - it was brilliant!  All the old favourites - 'Maggie May', 'This old Heart', 'I am Sailing' and two hours worth of more.  It was fantastic to be singing the songs wot he wrote, alongside him, and that we've been singing since he first wrote them.

And, the icing on the cake was that our original tickets were for on the pitch (Cally Thistle Stadium) and behind the tent covering the light and sound equipment, and protecting it from any rain.  Yes, blocking our view but, we weren't going to let that spoil our evening.

However, the tent was being pulled down as the night was clear.  While this was happening I was talking to a young woman about the tent being there, blah, blah.  I mentioned that I had been anxious as it might have spoiled our view, it was my birthday and this was my birthday treat.  We sat down and the young woman came over and asked us to go and follow her.  So, we arrived down at the front of the pitch, four rows from the front .... and she says 'I'm **name, the person in charge**, have these seats with my compliments, and Happy Birthday to you!' 

Just how flipping cool is that?!!  And, I am now more in love with Rod Stewart than ever.

AND - a Textiles Course

I recently applied for a place on a City & Guilds Creative Embroidery course.  When I spoke with the person who runs this course she ran through the course details and it turns out that it is much more to do with textiles, art and design, was I still interested?  I was biting my fist as she was speaking, of course I would love to do the textiles side of it as well as the embroidery, felting and machine embroidery.  Who wouldn't?!

So today I have received the offer letter.  I need to return the acceptance form within 7 days. 

Whoo, Hoo!!

So, perhaps being the ripe old age of 53 won't be so bad, eh?

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


We have just had an exhausting time of it lately.  We had friends come to stay for a week.  Then my bro' came to stay for two weeks.  Then, last week, our son, his partner, and our two grandchildren came to stay for a week.

Don't get me wrong, we love to see them all; and are very grateful that they make the effort to come all the way to the Scottish highlands to see us.  We have had a lovely time of it, as well.  Just being with friends and family who know us, love us and we have a history with - is relaxing in a way, too.

But, I could do with a rest, now!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Commission # 3 some bags, and some paintings

These are some of the bags I make for our knitting group.  These ones have a drawstring and, if they don't get sold at our flower festival, will go into Christmas boxes that are donated to the Blytheswood charity, and may go anywhere in the world, for people who need them.

As you can see there are other crafts that go on sale here as well.  Unfortunately, people seem to not want to pay 'real' money for them - eg these gorgeous granny square blankets only raise about £4 or £5 each.  Somebody had hand painted some ceramic tiles and was going to price them at 50p!  However, was persuaded to price them at £1, which is still far too cheap.

Ah well, the cash raised here and at another craft fair in August, will all go towards the boxes.

Also at the festival was an opportunity for local crafters to have sales tables, or just display their work.  I had recently taken a short oil painting course and decided to display some of my paintings.

 the city scape is Mr T's fave

the two on the left were my son's fave

It was scary to put myself  'out there' as it were!  But, some of my bags were sold - a lot before they reached the stall, which is gratifying.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Children's clothes

What a joy it is to be making stuff for little people!

Oh dear!  I made these for our baby grandson orginally, but the sizing was well out!  So, miss aged three has them, with a couple of yo-yos added for effect. (ps they do look better when the shoes are on, too)

The was the pair of trews he ended up with - in the new born size, despite him being a large size five months worth!  Nanny added the appliqué car with buttons.  The pattern for these has been in my cupboard for over twelve years, as I first did them for nanny's best girl, who is now aged 13!

These were made from vintage sheeting. 

 As is the next item - aged three's dress, here -

How cute is that, eh?  This one is the first of two I made from 'Weekend Sewing' which I just love, and will be using again and again, I'm sure.

Something that was promised a while ago is the cooking/painting pinney, so ta da!

She will grow into this, I'm sure!  This is nanny's own pattern.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Commission # 2 ta, da!

Another exciting project has, at last, been finished!

This dress began life as part of a huge pair of curtains, with pelmet, rescued from the charity shop where my brother works.  The manager, a lovely woman who, like me is rather addicted to vintage/retro clothing, wanted a dress made from the curtains and, would I be able to use a vintage pattern to do it? 
'Yes,' I said 'no problem!'

Except, I was busy and would become more so over the following months, oh dear.
However, as I wound down some of my work comittments, I found the time to just get on with it.
I first washed the fabric as I didn't know how old or how long it had been hung as curtaining.  Then, cut out the, very flimsy, dated 1959 vintage pattern pieces.

Some of the terms were new to me, such as binding the sleeve edges, adding tape to the sleeve seams and how to add the skirt to the bodice, while adding tape for strength.  However, I have some very old sewing books, which were so useful, and made it very enjoyable to be learning new stuff.  Though I machined the bottom of the skirt I didn't actually hem it, as I don't know the height of the woman who will be modelling it at a future vintage show.

I wish I could have repeated this, but in perhaps a retro sheeting, but the person wanted the pattern back, as well as her dress.

My thanks to J who was my super model, and I've stuck to my word and not shown her face here!