Monday, 23 March 2009


Yep, phew it is. Mr T went to the doc's today, for the result of his X-ray and he's got the all clear. There is just a bit of scarring on his lungs, that looks very old. Mr T thinks that it's probably to do with him having Scarlet Fever when he was a child. This is something he only found out about recently, but remembers going to stay with his auntie and uncle when he was ill at some point.

We are both recovered, it seems, from out coughs and colds and are just tired now. I'm sure a few doses of Metatone Tonic, with lots of fruit and veg, as well as some early nights will do us some good, and get us right as rain again.

Grateful to: good health and a happy family. Nanny's Lolly-dollypop pushed her own dollies pushchair yesterday, for a walk along the river. NBG was very helpful to nanny, which earned her some extra pocket money.
Pleased with: the charity knitting group. It's going from strength to strength, with thirteen people attending, knitting, chatting and laughing out loud, today.
Success: of the hops and lavender mixture I've placed on our bedhead this week. This means that Mr T and I have slept well, and in the same bed for the last four nights. We miss each other if we're not in the same bed.


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Long Gap

Yes, long gap since my last post, sorry. Still have the leftovers now of a kidney infection and labrynthitis, would you believe! We are both getting more sleep now that we have a routine about getting into the spare big bed, so as not to disturb the other. However, I finally persuaded Mr T to go to see the doc on Tuesday (which, for some strange reason I thought was Friday!) who promptly sent him off to the hospital for an X-ray, suspecting pneumonia. Hmm. We are trying not to worry, believing that if anything untoward is happening, they will contact us before his follow-up GP appointment next Monday. Fingers croxxed, eh?

All this feeling ill and having to sit about has meant that I have been getting some knitting done, (a couple of WIP's) - a vest for me, and a jumper for lolly-dollypop and, as I couldn't quite get to sleep last night, I cast on a fair isle neck warmer, pics later as LDP received the jumper last night, so I'll have to rely on mummy to send me a piccie.

For the same reasons as getting the knitting done, my studies are way behind, and I am having to do a 'Substitution' on this, my first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment.) Which is a bit of a blow, but I have at least done some of the reading, and can, if I don't do this TMA, catch up with the next bit. I have a day school on Saturday morning, which I've found suits me much more than doing a computer based course - having company when doing something is much more rewarding than panicking just on your own!


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What fun!

Not only has the bronchial virus come back to bite me, with all achy limbs and coughing up fluorescent stuff, but I have now developed a nasty bout of cystitis. Something I have not had for many years.

This just leaves me doing only what I can, when I can. Especially, as Mr T is also poorly with the chesty virus thingy, and SNORES loudly, so I decamp to the spare bed.

So, I'm just being pale and interesting and watching afternoon films on the telly. Good job malteasers help, isn't it?

Monday, 9 March 2009


When will this winter of snow and colds and phlegm end?

I have just had some lovely visitors to stay - my cousin and his wife on my father's side of the family. And, what a wonderful visit it was. Catching up on the missing years, remembering when we knew each other before, when we were very young and the scariest hairstyles from the past! The time went so quickly, but we won't lose touch again, and there is a big family party planned for late summer, when my children can be introduced to their heritage, some of which is very interesting, and posher than I had thought - (London) Kensington roots, instead of Hackney for one. It still appears that the 'craft' side of my talents are from my mother's side, though.

On my mother's side, I went down to England for the scattering of my aunt and uncle's ashes last weekend. I travelled down by train and, it was just on the last leg that I really began to think of what I was going for. My cousin had asked us to think about what we might like to say, and I jotted down a few words, thus;

'Moreen and John, we've all been unsettled these last few months, since losing you both. You are much loved and missed so very much.

Your legacy - a warm and welcoming family, are testement to the long lasting, committed marriage you had, and would have celebrated with your Golden Wedding, this weekend.

A perfect time for us to all tell you, this last Goodbye'

There then followed a week where I suffered a bronchial virus, and am still feeling quite unwell. However, we had our NBG and Lolly-dollypop to stay over on Saturday night. And, while NBG was doing some sewing, LPD was very busy with her cooking on Sunday morning,

Like others in my family, I have been a bit depressed since Moreen and John, and then uncle Ralph died last year. But, this varied and colourful week I've just had has shown me that yes, people do die and we miss and mourn them; but we do have that past, the precious present and the very important future.