Saturday, 3 August 2013

So, am I back to blogging? We'll see.

Hi again, I'm in here again.

Just been busy as a busy bee, that's what's going on.

First off, we now have our new bathroom fitted.  It is the teeniest, tiniest of bathrooms, so took out the bath as, with my back I can't use it without Mr T helping me out of it, a sod if I wanted a bath when he was away on one of his motorbike jollies.  But, we now have the best shower I have ever used, a sink I have seen nowhere else, with drawers under instead of a cupboard I would have to rootle around to find stuff.  And, a high prize - a 'comfort height' loo!  Who'd have thought?!

I rang the hospital the other day and found that I am, 'on the waiting list' for my op, and there is no news as yet as to when I will be at the top of that list - apparently, the '12 week deadline' doesn't count for back operations.  However,  I can wait.  As I have hope now, that the pain will be reduced.  I will be able to walk further than I have been able to for, oh so long.


In other news, I have been reading around the world of blogs, and finding some lovely knitting patterns to knit;

I have gathered together these three, that are top of my list to make first.

On the left is a pattern by Jane Lithgow, of Jane's Probably Knitting fame and I will be auditioning yarns in my stash, very soon.  The middle one I saw on Kate's blog,  Confessions of a Graveyard Gypsy  the yarn for which I am pretty sure I have in my stash, watch this space for which colours may be used (though nanny's lolly-dolly-pop, aged 6 now, has pink, purple and Hello Kitty, as her favourites, sigh.)  And, last but not least is Kate's 'braid hills' which arrived in the post today, hurrah!  I think I have most of Kate Davies Designs patterns - and this time I have ordered the yarn for it.  No, not the one suggested by Kate, as I am afraid that the £92 + I costed it out to on Blacker Yarns is so totally out of my league.  So, I went on to the Deramores site and ordered the King Cole Big Value DK, at the cost of about £17, including postage.

In the meantime my daughter and family are away, so I have been tasked with looking after the lovely Eva, their kitten.

She is really missing them all, and I have to sit and give her cuddles.  What a job, eh?