Sunday, 9 August 2015

And, 6 months later ...

..... I am so in love with my job.  I know what I am doing, and now I have a place to do it.  The team is like many teams, "safe stuff, different place" but we are all screaming towards pension age, and as such, are an adult team.  No tears, tiara or tantrums, we just all want to get on an do a good job.

Mr T, still in his job, is thoroughly enjoying it too.

It's funny with us both in full time work again, we really value our spare time - weekends are made the most of.  This is not just funny, but it is strange, because this is what everyone else does in their lives.  What you might call, 'normal.'  And, we've never really been normal.  Yes, we've both been in full time work (and pleased we have jobs at all) but usually, this is just for the money and we've moaned a lot.

Now, we both have jobs we love and really enjoy.

It makes for a wonderful, happy life.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

however ....

I only went and got the new job, hurrah!

I am shocked, as I really was convinced that I had ballsed up the interview - was even looking on MyjobScotland, and Goodmoves to see what other vacancies are about.  Even, by about 2.30 am, I settled to making patchwork quilts to sell.

I am really looking forward to all the things working within a team brings, and to meeting the carers I will be working with, too.

Just awaiting references and checks - and then I start.  Hopefully, by the end of February.

Whoo, hoo!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Grumpy New Year

The new year hasn't started off very brilliantly.  Mr T has been found to have arthritis in his back and both hips.  Though it at last explains the level of pain he has been experiencing, it has been a huge blow to him, a young(ish) strong and fit man.  He has been told to rest up, and never lift anything heavy, walk too much on hard ground, and never run.

I still haven't found a job.  I fit all the criteria, have more than enough experience, but fall apart at the interview.  I still currently have self-employed work, which I do enjoy and find very satisfying, and I do it well.  But, it really doesn't pay enough - I have just submitted my tax return and I am left with less than the minimum wage after all the other expenses.

But, on the plus side - we are basically healthy and well, our children are getting on fine and we have strapping grand-children who are simply beautiful.

We have both lost weight with Slimming World - Mr T has lost over three stone, and I have lost over one stone.  We're on the way.

Oh, and Mr T has been offered a full-time job that is tailor-made for him, and that he can cope with physically.  That helps.