Thursday, 22 January 2009

Still dot a dold - but guess who wins?!

Yep, Tea Towers is still under the deluge of the sodding and sodden, cold invasion.

Like many households though, there is a competition. Mr T feels that he feels worse than anyone as he coff, coffs his way throughout any telly programme I might be watching. And, throughout the night, even after taking double doses of night nurse(see, he is that ill he needs two lots of stuff that would knock out the ordinary horse.)

And, to top it all, it is my fault that we are ill at all. It was because I wanted to visit our sick daughter and her two sick girls, on our return from darn sarf, that we came down with it within 24 hours.

Said sick daughter and I were discussing the situation this morning, and we've come to the conclusion that, even though she is ill and is looking after her two sick girls, as well as running the household; and, even though I am ill and having to look after said sick Mr T, and running the household and going to work, Mr T wins.

After all, he has to look after the DOG! as well as being ill.


Vanessa said...

Man Flu!

Hope Mr T feels better soon!

Vanessa x

tea and cake said...

So do I, vanessa, so do I!

Shabby Chick said...

What is it they say? Men get ill... women get on with it!!!

Mel xxx

Dusty Spider said...

It's not the coff that carries you off. It's the coffin they carry you off in. (The old one's are the best!) Hope you're both better real soon. xxx

Dusty Spider said...

Your word verification thingy always offers me something slightly, well almost rude! Fun though! xxx

tea and cake said...

too bloody true, shabby chick!

Ooh, do you know how to spell them in an email to me, dusty?!! And, looking at the one I have now, it's true!

Papoosue said...

Oh, so funny and so true! I hope you are all feeling better soon. XX

tea and cake said...

Thank you, papoosue, I hope so, too. We had to miss our Burns Night Supper this evening, and my Answer for the Lassies, bah!