Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What I did in my holidays

bezzie mate

Well, I blinked, and the visit I had at the beginning of JUNE this year, from my bezzie mate has gone into the annals of history! We had quite a busy time of it, yet it was still a lovely and relaxing time as well.

One of the places we visited was Stirling Castle on a beautiful sunny day, with our craft group. We went to see the tapestries they are copying there, and had a brilliant tour of the tapestry weavers at work.

It is a very lovely place to visit, with everything there that you need. And, on the QT, once I'd joined Historic Scotland, those friends around me were getting 20% discount on the gifts they were buying.

We swapped diet tips, recipes and magazines, as well as nearly sticking to said (a combination of Slimmers World and the Gi) diets; oh and we went to a farm where they make their own ice-cream! And, believe it or not, only put on a couple of pounds between us.

Somewhere else we went, was to a craft store at Letham, Forfar, and bought some croxx stitch kits. And, as I am addicted to crafting, so I have now been a 'pusher' and Bezzie Mate is now also addicted, yay result! (She made a very pretty bookmark and, I hear, has finished the bracelet.)

And, of course, at the end of it, she went home with one of my bags!


Dusty Spider said...

What a lovely visit that was! I'm looking to get some more croxx stitch to do as I have finished both kits. Will post pic of bracelet for you to see. Still lovin my beautiful bag. xxx

tea and cake said...