Sunday, 11 October 2009

Running away ... to holiday!

Mum is much better, though still tired. Unfortunately, she has thrown a wobbly once again and threw out my brother, who was visiting for the weekend. Readers of this blog may remember that my mum has mental health issues. These 'wobblies' are ongoing, and extremely upsetting for all of us. But, she continues as if nothing has happened, leaving tears and heartache in her wake. However, we have survived thus far.

On a brighter note, my son and his family visited while I was 'down South.' His partner is about 18 weeks now, and is literally blooming with this pregnancy! As well, she is eating properly and her eczema is vastly improved, and her eyes are all shiney and bright. She was more chatty than usual, as she is a shy person. I was so pleased for the opportunity to see them.

I am now off on my jollies for a few weeks. This lucky girl is going to St Andrews for a few days with the lovely daughter, and her two lovely daughters, yippee. I am soo looking forward to this - a quiet country cottage, all equipped with a log fire etc, near to the water and the city, where we can walk as well as going out to see 'stuff.' Yesterday, I picked up a cross stitch rug to make, with snakes and ladders on it - which we can share. I do have a days work to go into while away, but that will be good for them to just mooch about together, as well. When she gets back home, she will be, hopefully, arriving to a whole new bathroom, which her husband and Mr T are fitting in, while we are away.

And, for me, there's more! Two days after my return, I am jetting off to Egypt for two weeks! (Sorry about so many !!!'s) We are cruising along the Nile for a week, then spending a few days in Luxor, AND flying to Cairo to see the Pyramids as well. I have long wanted to see the pyramids, and now I shall!

I will return, refreshed and rejuventated. Promise.

for now, Karen.