Thursday, 28 February 2008

Poste Haste

Poste Haste is an expression I suddenly used sometime last week, and just seem to be using it all the time.
Like, just now, when I heard that those clever gals, Annie, Jude and Cathy, on the A215 Survivors (OU) have made a new blogsite for us to write book reviews and send them in for discussion.
You, dear reader, can have a look at the site here, and Join In Do!
Now, where did I put that last book I read ....... and what did I think of it, oh yes, I know ...............

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Knicker Change

Erm, yes, literally. No, this isn't a further virus bulletin, so don't worry. It's just that I do feel rather wobbly and, if I move quickly, or *whisper* talk for any kind of length of time, I'm liable to fall over as if I have the vapours. Not a pretty sight at the mo' especially as I could best be described as a scraggy witch eg. dark circles under the eyes, no need to put in me teeth as no-one is going to see me, still in my jarmas and dressing-gown. You get the picture.

Well, Mr T, star that he is has kindly refresshed the bed, so I was sitting there in the quiet, having some clean laundry to put away. So, looked into the nightie drawer and decided to shuffle stuff about and then clear it out of anything that I hadn't worn in the past year. Needless to say this was done, just keeping those cute little pair of summer pj's I bought, oh, about, now let me see, how many years ago? Haven't ever worn them, but they had a stay of execution as I Will fit into them .... maybe not quite this summer, but soon, soon.

Then, ta DA, came the Knicker drawer. I won't bore you with all the numbers, but suffice it to say that at least 21 pairs finally went into the bin (leaving just 14 'holiday' pants, 13 good-enough pants and those gorgeous 6 new pairs) even though they still had loads of wear in them. You see, this is a crux of the matter. They were all still very serviceable, and that's why so many usually remain.

The other crux is that as I am of the larger variety of sexy bombshell (not today, not today) I do just love pretty and sexy underwear. And, I really do feel that just because I'm not a size - er, what size does a slim woman wear now? - there is no reason on this earth why I should not wear gorgeous underthings. Thank goodness M & S and other outlets agree.

But, the secret, that I have only just, this day, worked out - is to get rid of stuff, if you are buying new so that the whole house isn't clogged to the hilt. So, if I can't stop myself purchasing new undies, then a knicker change it has to be.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Dear Diary ....

Yes, dear diary I am feeling glum today. Actually, I am feeling like shit. I have this parvo or novo virus thing that is currently entertaining us around the country. I had the vomiting on Saturday, no, sorry diary, you really don't want to hear all the details, though, if you had been close enough, hear you would have done.

Mr T is currently out hunting, as men do, for the Imodium (that he said would be good, but I'm only taking now that I've spoken to a proper doctor) and some coke that I may sip at intervals. No food then, for a third day etc. etc. boring stuff.

So, I was listening to that lovely 19 year old singer, Adele, on 'This Morning' and realising she has such a beautiful talent, and years and years ahead of her to fullfil her potential. And she will go far, you can hear it.

And, there's me (Warning: Feeling Sorry For Self Here) been stuck here since before Xmas with a sodding rotten, bad back - and now the lurgey! Will I EVER feel better, feel human? Will I ever keep to the arrangements I have made to sit on the fostering panel, attend committee meetings and do the things I said I would do? Will I ever just go out the door and enjoy a walk?

I know, I know. I do know, really.

And then.

I think I shall pour out my woes to my friends from the ether, clock in, and there's a lovely, lovely Award! From Dusting for Spiders Thank you so much, Flick, You are a Star!

Here endeth the blimmin' blues.

And, there has been one bit of silver lining - due to my innards not being accepting of anything at all. I had to stop the huge amounts of extremely strong painkilling medication for the last few days. And, though I am only sitting or laying around.......... so far, not too bad, so this may mean a great reduction in medicine = can drive the car legally. When I am up and about of course.

Friday, 22 February 2008


I'm starting a new job!

It's only for two days a week. And, it won't interfere with my daily dose of 'Homes Under the Hammer,' 'To Buy or Not to Buy' or anything. I will still be able to go out and see my mates for lunch, attend the weekly crafters' group, do my part-time study, be on the local community hall committee, and attend the fortnightly fostering panel meetings, etc.

Oh, and I'll continue with the two part-time day jobs I already have. And, I shall have company.

This newest one is going to be facinating, frustrating, physical, wearing, full of pleasure and joy, give me extra washing. But, I shall also learn how to put up the highchair in the kitchen, one-handed, Use Real Nappies, play colours, blocks and peep-bo, as well as taking pictures on my mobile to send to mummy.

Yep, hooray! I am going to be looking after my beautiful baby grand-daughter on two days a week, while mummy goes to work.

My interview for the post only lasted the thirty years it took to raise mummy.

ps. the back Is improving all the time, but nanny will need grandad's help at the beginning. Mr T just loves the way I include him in all my plans.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

I simply cannot believe .....

That it has been so long since I last posted!

Well, I have been quite busy, trying to get myself better. I did visit the Physio at the hospital and what a shitty, waste of time that was. Bitter? Moi? You bet. He told me they cannot help me, due to my back history, I am already partially disabled and, all they'll probably do is give me a referral to a pain clinic, to manage my pain, and assist me with aids and adaptions! Fuck Off, unfortunately is what I did not say to his face for being so damned negative.

So, I returned to my lovely, lovely Chiropractor, Marie, and sobbed all over her. She agrees with me, I am not disabled and won't be for many a long year. Now, don't get me wrong, if I was disabled, then, like so many people, including my lovely brother, I would have to adapt, and my life would simply change its Way of being. I know loads of people who have a disability to varying degrees. And, the one thing I do know, is that it is all down to attitude.

But, that ain't me, yet.

Marie has seen me twice a week for the past three weeks, and we seem to have turned a corner. I can do so much more now! Bathing myself, some part of cooking the dinner of an evening, even making cups of tea for Mr T! Boy, is he grateful that there is some movement - and is looking forward to the day that I can do the ironing and hoovering (from past experience, this will be some time - shame, eh? :o) )

To thank Marie profusely, I have knitted her a felted bag and am in the process of making her a lovely pair of bluey-lilac socks. When espying these items, nanny's best girl was enquiring as to who they were for. When informed of the lovely Marie, I told her that she would like her. Nanny's best girl's question?

'Why, does she give out stickers? I love stickers!'

Oh, to be aged 10 again.