Sunday, 2 February 2014

And, another thing

Hi there, yes it's me.  Where did January go, I ask you?

All of a sudden it is February, and we still don't have snow where we are, but they do have lots of it 'up the Glen' as I understand it.  I do miss getting snowed in, but do love being able to get out and about, now we're living in the town.

The weight is starting to shift slowly, with 4 lbs off.  Not a lot, but a good start, and on the right road.  The secret, I have found after all this time, is planning.  I have been planning my menus and recipes and shopping lists, and it seems to help.  Yes, I did write recipes - write down the book/magazine page numbers, so I don't lose the darned thing once I have shopped for it.  And, yes recipes as I cannot abide processed food.  The slimming world class I go to all rave on about a packet of stuff that is a pasta with cheese sauce, and you just add milk.  Then, you whisk up some eggs, add that and it cooks in the oven, like a quiche.  I can think of nothing more awful (and I am being polite here) than a packet of cheese sauce.  So, I made the thing from scratch and it took probably about the same amount of time and tasted delicious, and there was some leftover for lunch the next day.  And, here is one of our favourites, a Kedgeree, but with so much less butter than the usual recipes ask -

The crafting is getting well behind, as I still have some reports for work to finish off, that are quite lengthy.  Once they are done, I have promised myself a good long break - which will probably be the month of April, when I shall do nothing but craft, hurrah!

I was due to start an eight-week weaving course last Tuesday, but had the most dreadful and prolonged heavy cold, and had to cancel, bah!  But, I am ready and able to go this week, and am really looking forward to it.

In the meantime, nanny's lolly-dolly wanted some knitted socks, so I promptly made her some pink ones.  However, it was purple ones she really wanted, so these are on the pins as we speak.

These are actually less pink than in this picture.

But, what I really want to be getting on with is this ->

Well, if I get on with one or two of my reports today, I will be ready for the week to start in full swing again, tomorrow.

See you soon.