Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pink sky at night ...

... is Shepherd's delight. Well, this scenery delighted me as we travelled down to town the other day. I made Mr T stop the car so I could get this picture from the car window. Luckily, no-one was behind us, who would say '... some bloody idiot stopped on the busy, main road!' I don't care, though, if they were, it was beautiful.
Well, how was your Christmas? Hopefully, as peaceful and enjoyable as ours was - with the dinner of the year being as fabulous as ours was. We spent the day with our daughter and her family, while ringing around the country to speak to other members of the family. Then, drove over to Aviemore for Boxing Day, to visit with Mr T's brother and his wife. The snow there was much heavier than here at Glenshee, so we left at about 5pm to drive home, having to stop fairly often to clear the windscreen of the muck being thrown up from other traffic.
Ooh, it was lovely to kick our shoes by the front door, to get the snow off them, put a match to the woodburner, and settle down with a cuppa, mince pie and the telly. Bliss.
I wish you all a very happy, and/or peaceful holiday and all you would hope for the New Year of 2010.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Time and tide...

some wee muffins, made for our crafters' lunch last week

Yeah, time in running out, fast! I can't believe Christmas has come around so quickly, once again. Mr T has taken the last of the parcels down to the post office today, yes, this morning, and I hope that they just get there in time. In them, no piccies, are aprons I made, for some little girls in the family, which I just couldn't find time to get around to making, silly isn't it? Now, my new year's resolution is to get the blimmin' stuff ready, from January 2010, and to be done by the summer, at least.

But, we know what happens to new year resolutions, don't we, ladies?!

Friday, 4 December 2009


What a smashing time I've been having of late! Nanny's Best Girl and Dolly-lolly-pop's poor mummy has had to work extra and different hours of work, these past few weeks. This is because both the childminder and the work colleague have been away sick, following surgery.

So, guess what?

Nanny has had the greatest of pleasure in stepping in, and doing the childminding for two very beautiful and clever grand-daughters. How cool is that?

Yep, very cool indeed. But, it has taken its toll a tad on the old energy and time. Energy is to be expected at my ripe old age of 52, I suppose. But, I can get some rest and recuperation. It's the time that I'm having trouble with - time to be getting on with other work commitments, that is.

Most of the employers of my various posts have been very good at understanding that, what with my mum having her health problems, my two holidays (lucky me,) and then being ill myself, I have been rather stretched. I do wish I was made of elastic, and not need any amount of sleep! Others have not been quite as forgiving. But, there is nothing I can do about that. Except, continue to apologise and just get on and catch up with it all.

Oh, but I have enjoyed my girlies so much! At the ages of 12 and 2 and a half, they are such fun and in different ways. There was a delightful afternoon, last week, where NBG and her pal were making stamped and embellished, sewn fabric, Xmas tree decorations. Aided and abetted, I might add, by DLP singing and crayoning at the table with them, spilling glitter and sequins all over the place! Classic.

I am off to bed early tonight, and have a haircut appointment tomorrow morning. Lucky me! 'night. x

ps. erarggh! Kim has just been subjected to gert big hairy spiders poured over her head. I shall now retire to my bed and WILL DREAM of the damned things!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ooh snow!

You'd better believe it!