Thursday, 29 April 2010


I had a bit of a fright this morning, when I looked into the mirror.  No, not a bad hair day, though it is, but I am off to the hairdressers this morning (and the dentist :() But, I found two lumps on my face!!!

Further investigation revealed that they are the defining lines of my new Cheeks!  Yes, Hurrah, my face is now losing weight, too.  Just how blimmin' cool is that?!

My actual weight stayed the same last week, boo hoo, but obv. the inches are coming off somewhere - and now my face!

I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday, and they have decided that to operate further would be 'treacherous' for my spine.  So, it will continue to worsen and they cannot do anything further.  So.  They are making a referral for me to attend the Pain Clinic, which I'm pleased about - and then I can hope to manage this myself.  Meanwhile, I am cutting down on my 'physical' employment, and continuing to increase, rather 'cherry-picking' the non-physical work that I can enjoy.

That isn't so bad, really.  And, my chiropractor is pleased that I have taken up walking, and recommends I return to horse-riding.

If I could give up work altogether, and retire (be at least 13 years older, to be able to afford it!) then I could walk, ride and take up golf - now, there's a good thought!

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Strange times

I am still a lucky girl and lost a whole one and a half pounds this week - woo, hoo!  Which now brings me down to 17 stones.  However, I do realise that this means that I still weigh 17 stones. Hmm.  So, thankfully, my bezzy mate has been visiting, and as she's losing weight as well, I was able to stick to the plan, more or less, and Wrote Things Down.  Which has obv. helped.

In other news, my mum is quite poorly at the moment.  She was having more chest pains so went to the doc, who promptly sent her off to hospital, where they kept her in for tests.  I cannot believe the woman actually Drove herself there in her own Car, for chrissakes!  But, that's what she did, instead of ringing my sister, or getting a cab.  'Well, she was probably a bit worried' you might say.  Well, she had time to go home and pack a suitcase, ready for a possible admission.  Ah well.

She's been in hospital for over a week, where they've found she has Angina, her current medication is insufficient, and her GP should have made regular checks on her.  Then, she gets a cold the day before yesterday, so they couldn't do another Angiogram.  Now, she has pneumonia. So, she is really tired, and they are pumping her full of antibiotics.

My sister says it's not urgent enough for me to race down there from Scotland.  She would like one of my brothers to help out and pay a visit to mum, but, well, they're busy, apparently.  Now, my mother is an old fashioned woman, whereby men are gods, to be pampered and idolised.  For instance, they get their, larger, dinner first, and are consulted and revered just by dint of being male, grr.  But, these buggering brothers of mine - one of whom is a blimmin' Christian of all things, and the other has a disability that prevents him from working at a job, but not from visiting the pub or driving a car, are too busy.

I'm lighter, but no less bitter.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Phew! - Diet Update

Yes, it is a big Phew!  I lost 1 lb this week, hurrah!  I still have not been writing stuff down, or planning properly, but have been more conscious of what I've been eating and making the low-fat choices.  I cut down drastically on the chocolate - only having a half of a small Easter egg instead of several large ones.  And, not told myself that it is Thursday night, The weekend, boring Monday, or nearly at Thursday again as an excuse to scoff any and everything I might fancy!  Seems to work, though.

Also, I've joined up with several other women on a weekly, Friday walk.  I went for the third time this week, and walked at least four miles, instead of the two the route map said!  However, I woke up this morning and my legs weren't hurting - so another Yay!  I'm obviously getting used to it.  Oh, and I bought myself a new bike, that I am in love with, and have been out on it!  More than I did with the last one.
Me, posing on my bike, up the road, and with a waist!

Through the diet and exercise I am feeling a lot more positive in myself, and finding a lot more energy, as well.
I am keeping very busy with current work commitments, and negotiating more of the same, but different.  As my back is hurting more or less full time, I am having to switch away from the housekeeping, and looking at 'cherry picking' social work consultancy work.  This way, I get to choose the parts of the job that I enjoy most, such as making assessments and managing decisions.  Much less stressful than being employed full time, and being part of the rush and tear, methinks.

Hmm, perhaps it's the Spring finally making an appearance that makes a difference.  Certainly, my bezzy mate coming to stay for a week from tomorrow is a big boost, Hurrah!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Diet update -

...... - stayed the same last week.  Supposed to be writing EVERYTHING down, but not.  Trying to stick to it, anyways.  Bit more successful this week, so far.  Will weigh in again tomorrow.

Busy, busy, busy at the mo', with two country houses to get ready for Friday and Saturday, reports to write, books to update.  Luckily, I have been paid for one piece of work, yippee!  So, can pay my tax, Ni and credit card bills.  Ah, well.

Have my Bessy Mate coming to stay at the weekend woo, hoo!  Have NBG's birthday next week - a blimmin' 13 year old, if you please ... and lippy with it.  Ha, ha I always wished a 14 year old upon my daughter, when she was 14 years old .... mwaaa haaaaa!

Back soon. xx