Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It all happens here, you know!

Well, the new job is fab so far. I have three students who are all very different people, with differennt experiences and approaches to their chosen career. They are challenging me to climb out of my comfort zone, and further develop my own levels of understanding and learning. As a practical, solution focussed practitioner, I am able to offer them something away from the academic loftiness they have, thus far, had from their course. So, we are all getting something from this experience and, I'm just lovin' it!

I have often been quite dismissive of the social networking sites such as facebook, but just lately we have had reason to be thankful to them for providing information that we might not have had otherwise. Our friend, who was seriously ill following a motorbike accident is, we find, alive and well, thank goodness. A close call, that one.

Another bonus is that we had contact from a long-lost relative, Mr T's stepmother's grand-daughter. We lost contact with 'mum' many years ago after some disclosures were made, and believed, against the father. The stepmother was loyal to her husband, but we had to protect our young families and this contact was lost, and continued when the father died. Well, the stepmother's grand-daughter contacted our son, wanting contact details of her granny. Discussions and emails ensued, literally around the world, and she has been found. Her son has also found us, who lives close by, and is due to visit us this weekend!
Doncha just luurve this technology stuff?!


Roobeedoo said...

Funnily enough I have been "finding" lots of old acquaintances by googling names and finding they are on facebook and have other people I knew as their "friends". But somehow it feels false to get in touch when I never have before. And I am definitely NOT signing up for facebook myself!

tea and cake said...

haha, Roobeedoo, I know what you mean! I don't go on it that often, and am finding that in some cases, it replaces the face to face, or voice to voice contact, and that IS sad.