Thursday, 19 March 2009

Long Gap

Yes, long gap since my last post, sorry. Still have the leftovers now of a kidney infection and labrynthitis, would you believe! We are both getting more sleep now that we have a routine about getting into the spare big bed, so as not to disturb the other. However, I finally persuaded Mr T to go to see the doc on Tuesday (which, for some strange reason I thought was Friday!) who promptly sent him off to the hospital for an X-ray, suspecting pneumonia. Hmm. We are trying not to worry, believing that if anything untoward is happening, they will contact us before his follow-up GP appointment next Monday. Fingers croxxed, eh?

All this feeling ill and having to sit about has meant that I have been getting some knitting done, (a couple of WIP's) - a vest for me, and a jumper for lolly-dollypop and, as I couldn't quite get to sleep last night, I cast on a fair isle neck warmer, pics later as LDP received the jumper last night, so I'll have to rely on mummy to send me a piccie.

For the same reasons as getting the knitting done, my studies are way behind, and I am having to do a 'Substitution' on this, my first TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment.) Which is a bit of a blow, but I have at least done some of the reading, and can, if I don't do this TMA, catch up with the next bit. I have a day school on Saturday morning, which I've found suits me much more than doing a computer based course - having company when doing something is much more rewarding than panicking just on your own!



Roobeedoo said...

Oh dear! I do hope you both get your flues cleaned out soon! But at least you are getting the chance to knit!

tea and cake said...

Yes, and now I've substituted my tma I can knit while watching the next films for my course!
I am feeling a lot better now, thank you. K x

Papoosue said...

Oh dear, you are not having much fun are you? not to worry - I'm sure you will be fighting fit it no time an the tmas will sort themselves out. Take care of yourselves XX

Andrew said...
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Shabby Chick said...

Hi Karen,

I think you left your comment on the wrong person's blog! Don't worry, it's easily done :)

Sorry for above deleted comment, that was me... husband was logged into google account but I didn't notice until I left a comment so it got v confusing!

Mel xxx

tea and cake said...

Hi Mel, yes, I did get a bit confused! Thank you for pointing it out, Karen x