Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More News

Well, I am travelling South this weekend. My mum had a heart attack on Monday, and a stent inserted today. She suddenly sounds old, and it's a bit scary, even though she's only 71 years old. But, she's always been a healthy person, with get up and go, and she's often gone - on walking holidays, gardening holidays, off to Italy or Spain. I just heard my brother relating to an aunt, that he'd queried a dent in the ceiling above mum's stairs. 'Oh, that,' she says 'that's when I was moving a wardrobe up to my bedroom.'

I don't think she'll be doing that for a while.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

It all happens here, you know!

Well, the new job is fab so far. I have three students who are all very different people, with differennt experiences and approaches to their chosen career. They are challenging me to climb out of my comfort zone, and further develop my own levels of understanding and learning. As a practical, solution focussed practitioner, I am able to offer them something away from the academic loftiness they have, thus far, had from their course. So, we are all getting something from this experience and, I'm just lovin' it!

I have often been quite dismissive of the social networking sites such as facebook, but just lately we have had reason to be thankful to them for providing information that we might not have had otherwise. Our friend, who was seriously ill following a motorbike accident is, we find, alive and well, thank goodness. A close call, that one.

Another bonus is that we had contact from a long-lost relative, Mr T's stepmother's grand-daughter. We lost contact with 'mum' many years ago after some disclosures were made, and believed, against the father. The stepmother was loyal to her husband, but we had to protect our young families and this contact was lost, and continued when the father died. Well, the stepmother's grand-daughter contacted our son, wanting contact details of her granny. Discussions and emails ensued, literally around the world, and she has been found. Her son has also found us, who lives close by, and is due to visit us this weekend!
Doncha just luurve this technology stuff?!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Job

I recently applied for a full time job. Silly of me, I know. But, I had it in my head that maybe, perhaps, at a push I should go back to the work I was trained for, and qualified in, and have a lot of experience in. So, I duly applied for a job, within the bounds of a hospital (social work) but, was a tad worried that I might have to do a lot of walking about the place. Now, obv. this should not be a problem for a fairly fit, 50 something person, but you know I kinda have a disability and can't actually walk that far. Anyway, I was chatting with a couple of bods who I work with on a fostering panel, and one of them happened to mention that the uni were looking for practice teachers, and would I be interested? I nearly bit off her hand! Yay, my dream job, or what?!

I went along and had a couple of sessions around what the course entails, and what is expected of me, and it was like 'coming home' to something I just 'know.' And, the chance to talk 'grown up' talk of social work speak, ideas, practices, values etc that I have been missing in my work. Let's face it cooking up a storm, scrubbing pots and pans, as well as mopping floors and putting my hand down toilets (not all at the same time, you understand?) and getting a tin of biscuits for my Xmas box, just doesn't really cut it. Well, it wouldn't would it? But, that is not to say that I don't have 'grown up' conversations with my pals, I do, we do, but it will be great to do it in work-time time as well.

At the end of the student's 'Placement Learning Opportunity' I have to make my assessment of whether they will pass of fail. A heck of a load of responsibilty, but I really feel up to this challenge. The course director is impressed with my enthusiasm, and I must admit, I am too. Don't get me wrong, I am in the lucky position of doing work that I do enjoy, or I shall give it up. I have various jobs I do around the place, and work with some really lovely people. Those around me that are not lovely, I don't have to work with so I just ignore them.

It is a bit nerve-wracking as well, though - and so much reading! And these poor students! I am due to meet my first ones over the next few days, so let the challenge begin!

Reading: 'The Year of the Flood' - Margaret Attwood
Seen: 'Julia and Julie' - Meryll Streep is amazing in this, the best thing I've seen her in for ages
Thought for the day: 'What other people say about you behind your back, is none of your business!' I love it, and it is so true.
Studying: Social work, practice placement stuff and a map of the city, so I can find them there students!
Eating: the right things, after the wrong things brought back the IBS
Worrying about: Our friend, Paul, after his serious motorbike accident yesterday, thankfully he's made it through last night; and his wife, Gene. Our love, thoughts and hugs are with them. When Paul is recovered, Mr T will give him hell about avoiding foxes on the road, and sign him up to the anti-foxhunting league!

'Night, 'night. xx

Saturday, 12 September 2009

O dear, another oops.

I don't know why it takes me so long to be posting on here lately, but I do keep up with those I follow. To catch up I am still knitting up a storm - the latest things have been crocheted brooches, which sell quite well thru' word of mouth - some for me and some for the charity knitting group, which is good. Here is a piccie of one I made for a birthday pressie, for someone whose party we are going to tonight. (As she is a very competitive person, the request was for a handmade present, costing no more than £5, and she will choose her favourite. I am not sure what happens to the ones that don't win, and I don't know her that well to know if she'll even like a crocheted brooch, but I like it, so I've enjoyed making it.) The picture is quite dark as it's now evening, and if I put on the flash the mirrored button shone out where nothing else did! Please excuse my crap photo taking.

I am currently making cream coloured jackets for the expected grandchild, who is due in March, but we don't know whether it is a girl or a boy until the next scan. No, I wouldn't usually want to know beforehand, but his/her parents to be are really keen to start living the dream and having a name for their child will, it appears, just add to their joy. For this child's big sister I am knitting a hooded jumper (sweater) with a pouch pocket on the front. She had told me she wanted purple then, after me buying the yarn, decided she wanted stripes. So, I bought a ball of lilac and pink and will mix and match these in.
However, I have been so blimmin' busy with work lately that only one lot of sewing has been done. Now, how to put this delicately. Nah, bugger it. Some time ago, when Mr T and I were off for a weekend away, I treated myself to some new underwear, including some fancy knickers. Nothing racy from that shop you understand, but fripperies and frillies. Well, since then I've hardly worn them as I lost a bit of weight, which just made them uncomfortable to wear. So. As my sewing machine is next to my bedroom I have been able to pop in there and alter them! I don't own an overlocking machine, but do have zig-zag on my sewing machine, so I sew about a half inch (1.5 cm) down each side and the same along the back of the gusset - this being sewn on the right side to stop any unwanted rubbing.

The only problem so far was the day I heard someone come in the front door, who turned out to be my daughter, phew! I was dreading my son-in-law catching me naked at the sewing machine. The poor boy would have fainted, I'm sure!