Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Very Letter - 'V'

Warning - Long, long post

I read this post, by the lovely Roo Knits about writing a list, and I thought I would have a go, as it were.

What you have to do is email for a letter and, when you've got it, then list 10 things you love, beginning with that letter. So, without further ado, and because I found it intriguing, here goeth mine:

1 I have always been proud of my Voluptuous figure. It is not as slim as it should be, but I do have a bust, waist and hips.

2 Velvet skin – I have unlikely skin, as I’m going to be 52 this year, and my facial skin should be ravaged by the constant mediation I take, and I am a sun-lover – my skin is surprisingly Velvety.

3 I love difference, Variety – in people, in music, books, interests, crafts. I have a Varied list of stuff I am interested in – not just knitting, but sewing, felting, embroidery, painting – I just wish I could draw

4 Holidays and Visiting different places. It’s not often we will go back to a place for a holiday, leading into another one, which is ......

5 Venturing – I am not scared of trying or travelling to something or somewhere on my own. I just don’t want to miss out on anything for anyone! I went on a walking holiday to Italy on my own, as Mr T didn’t want to go, and loved it; I would have gone on my own to China, if a pal hadn’t wanted to go along (I chose China, to teach English for three weeks, as I didn’t know anyone else who had been there!)

6 Not having had a brilliant up-bringing, I’ve had to learn my own Values, along with Mr T. Ones I hold most dear are honesty and trust, which I try my utmost to live up to, however, I am only human!

7 I have few things of monetary value – some pieces of jewellery, which I’ve built up over the years, and don’t stand to inherit anything from the olds. However, my really most Valuable assets are Mr T, my children and grand-daughters, who I love very much, as well as my extended family. And, of course my Very dear friends.

8 For some years I dreamt about being in an old building, walking through all the rooms, sometimes they held furniture, in others the rooms were bare. But, I would make my way up to the attics and there I would find chests of drawers. Opening the drawers I would find vintage linen - sheets and pillowcases, tablecloths and napkins, but rarely clothes. I would handle them reverently and just enjoy them. Now, I am lucky enough to work in such an old house and deal with the linens in the linen cupboard - spooky! Also, as I've got older I've developed more of an obession with Vintage things, and I use them, such as the Prestige cooking implements I own, crockery, cutlery etc. As I hold them, I just love the feeling that they have had a life before, and wonder at the stories they could tell!

9 Vim, Vigour and Vitality - are attributes I strive to have which, often, especially at this time of year can be elusive to me. I should take Vitamins and minerals to fortify me, but then sometimes I can be Very empty-headed!

10 Vacation - I know I've already had Visiting and Various, but I just lurve going on Vacation (holiday to us Brits) especially to somewhere different. I have been lucky enough to go to some far flung places in the world, and I have a long list of places still to visit. Rejuvik, Russia, New Zealand, some of America, Greenland, more of Europe and more of Africa - and next year's biggy will be India (for mine and Mr T's 35th wedding anniversary.)

I just love looking at people's lives in these very different places, and am just so surprised at just how different they are. F'instance in China it is not expected that women will smoke in public, and there are still women whose feet had been bound; the way they speak can sound aggressive, but they are the most polite of people. In Africa, some people still live in mud huts, and the average life expectancy is 32 years, due to the Aids epidemic; In America (Columbus, Ohio) I recognised hardly any of the food on offer, even at KFC, and, though generally helpful and friendly, I was shocked at the overt racism I heard from some hospital workers; In Germany people wanted to speak English, but in France (and Wales) they stuck to their own language; In Sri Lanka the people were so industrious, that they use every part of the palm trees, and their literacy rates are nearly 95%; they washed their clothes in the same river that the elephants use for their toilet, yet their whites were pristine! As you can see, this is one thing I am passionate about!

Sorry for the length of this, but do have a go at it. I thought it would be hard to find the ten things for the letter V, but have been surprised.

ADDED a bit later - just to say that the observations I have cited about other people and other countries (than Britain, where I live) I have visited, these are some of the things which have made an impression upon me, and not generalisations about all the people or practices in those countries.


Roobeedoo said...

Interesting! This game turns up the most unexpected things doesn't it?

Penny said...

An interesting set of things - could I have a letter, please.

tea and cake said...

Roobeedoo - a novel way to do a meme, and quite fun to do.

Penny - you have the letter 'M' Good luck, and hope you enjoy it.

Penny said...

OK. I will go and think about the letter M.