Monday, 23 December 2013

Big job

2014 is going to be my year.  It is going to be a big job.

I am currently seven, actually eight stones overweight.  I need to lose at least seven of that, to be in a healthy weight range.

I have already joined Slimming World, in order to lose the weight.  Yes, it was a silly time of year to do it - just two weeks before Christmas, but it needed to be done and I started to feel more positive as soon as I signed up.

I have long been looking at healthy eating, just eating good food.  But, now I need to concentrate on eating a lot less.  A lot less.  We especially munch in the evenings, but this will stop.

Also, for the past few years I have moved a lot less, due to my back problems.  I had an operation last September, and have gradually been improving week by week.  Thank bloody goodness!  The appointment for the gym will be through soon, and in the meantime, I am doing my recovery exercises, and am walking the dog.  It still hurts, but I'm sure this too will improve.

I have now reduced my medication to a fraction of what I was once consuming, as I simply don't need them so much.  It has taken a while to work out which meds I can reduce or stop, such as I don't need that one, I just need this one, but no, I do need that one, so let's try and stop this one.  The other one has gone completely.

So, the big job for this next year - and here I am laying down my gauntlet, is three-fold.

1.  Lose that weight - by eating smaller portions, eating more fresh fruit and veg, and vegetarian meals
2.  Become stronger and fitter, more core strength and endurance, I want to walk further and longer
3.  Reduce my medication.

I have a Blue Badge and a movability car.  This has been invaluable to me, as I could not have lived my life or gone to work, without it.  But, if I can improve my overall health and fitness, I may not need either.

Now, that would be a happy new me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Friday, 13 December 2013

He's nearly here!

Yes, that time of year again.  How, I wonder, has it all come around again so quickly?  It surely was only a week ago, that Xmas 2012 was nearly here.  Might be something to do with getting older, oh well.

We have had a flurry of finding the right phone for Mr T - should it be the iPhone, Samsung etc, etc.  But, he has now decided to stick with the iPhone, and we'll search the Vodafone stores tomorrow.  I keep out of it, I'm afraid.  I love my iPhone, and won't be changing it, anytime soon.  It mixes in and connects with my mac book pro, and keeps me up to date with where I am supposed to be.  Don't need anything else.

What I could do with at the moment are two things.  One, is the expected winter weather, please!  I put away all my summer trousers and tops, got out the jumpers, leggings and boots, and what happens?  Last week, the weather was a frosty -2 degrees.  Since then, it has been between + 9 and 11.5 degrees!  The Autumn coat is even too hot to wear, and then I see people wearing scarves.  I have even put up blackout linings onto my bedroom curtains - which both keep out the light and the cold.  Hence, we are opening our bedroom window, of a night-time, or we get a headache.  Weird.

And, the other thing?  Some sleep.  For some reason I have stopped going to bed early.  And, when I get there, I play games on my phone, read my kindle and/or watch telly.  Then, all of a sudden, it is 1.30 am, and I have to be up for work in the morning.  Put that together with me trying to cut down on my medication, and have stopped the night-time sleeper/pain killer, and you can guess the rest.  This morning I didn't actually get to sleep until about 5 am, and was then awoken by Mr T at 8 am.  Went back to bed this afternoon for a couple of hours, but intend to look after myself from today, and will be up the wooden hill by about 10.30 pm.  Promise.

I have now been signed off by the physiotherapist at the hospital, and referred for a 3 month gym membership.  My movement is so much better but, as I have not really moved for the past couple of years, I need to build up my muscle and core strength.  This is such brilliant news, as I had been getting quite depressed, prior to my op, beginning to believe that I would never again be fit, or feel positive about myself again.

Now, I feel like I have been given a second chance at living life to the full.  I am awaiting some contact from the gym, about getting me started, I am properly doing the exercises I have been given.  And, I have now joined Slimming World.  At the heaviest weight I have ever been, in my life.

So, now that I am taking the physical and mental steps I need to make 2014 a better year.  So, let's have  Xmas, and 2014 - bring it on!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Arrgh!  Some nosey parker found my blog and read it, and passed on some information I wouldn't have wanted passed on.  Except, that the 'information' they passed on was mis-read.  This could have caused quite a stink, and I do wish that even though these people don't like me, they would just feck the feckety feck off.

It makes you wonder why someone would tell someone stuff they think they've read.  They think they are being a friend to the person they're telling?  If it is the woman I think it is, she is well known as an unhappy and spiteful person.

I shall leave it there.

Well on the road

I am well on the road to recovery, now, I think.  My meds are back to less than what I was taking pre-op, and my movement is better.  Though, I still can't walk for very far, and shopping is literally a pain.

I was hoping to be able to give up my Blue Badge by next year, but we shall have to see.  The amount of pain has definitely reduced, which is such a bonus.

So, that's the moans over.

Now, we are just looking forwards.  Firstly, to Christmas.  Unusually, for this time of year our cards are all written, and presents are all bought or made.  We've had to watch the pennies carefully, but it seems we have done it, and with not too many arguments, either!

Christmas this year will hopefully be much different from last year.  Family tensions seem to have reached a good level now, which is so much better all around.  NBG (Nan's best girl) wants to be here for Christmas morning, and wonderfully, her mum and dad have agreed for her and NLD (Nan's lolly dolly) to stay over on Christmas Eve, so they can wake up here.  Christmas Eve will be spent with all of us here, having what we all hope a lovely, cosy evening with dinner, DVD, popcorn and new jammies, first.  Mum has to work on Christmas morning, and lunch is planned for mid-afternoon, and thankfully, mum can then relax and enjoy the day, bless her.  She couldn't relax last year, as she had to go to work in the afternoon.  That is a downside of working in the care sector.  Dad can just enjoy his girls until mum gets back from work.

And, then on Boxing Day my boy arrives, together with his son, by tea-time!  Yes, more excitement.  And, it means that we really will All have a bit of time together.  And, they are here for a few days, and we can enjoy them.

The wee one is 3 ¾ and will shortly be getting hearing aid, due to his right ear not being formed fully at birth.  They have now found out that his hearing is greatly reduced, and the hearing aid will used by his left ear.  It is thought (and, I would agree) that this loss of hearing is impacting upon his social and speaking skills, but he is very good at lip reading.  If I could interfere here, I would want dad to look into NWB (Nan's wee boy) having some contact with other children with hearing loss.  My reasoning is that, as he has this issue, and is thus far isolated from his peers, he may find his community with other children with similar issues.

But, if there is one thing I have learned over this past 12 months or so, it is that I need to keep my own counsel.  Only give an opinion when it is asked for.  Of course I have found this hard, but actually my children are adults.  And, as I am heading out of my mid-middle age, they are heading towards theirs - ergo, able to make their own choices.  I am so proud of my children, they are good people.

You know me, I may take ages to write in here again, so if you're looking in, I wish you a very Happy Christmas, and a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. x