Monday, 21 December 2009

Time and tide...

some wee muffins, made for our crafters' lunch last week

Yeah, time in running out, fast! I can't believe Christmas has come around so quickly, once again. Mr T has taken the last of the parcels down to the post office today, yes, this morning, and I hope that they just get there in time. In them, no piccies, are aprons I made, for some little girls in the family, which I just couldn't find time to get around to making, silly isn't it? Now, my new year's resolution is to get the blimmin' stuff ready, from January 2010, and to be done by the summer, at least.

But, we know what happens to new year resolutions, don't we, ladies?!


. said...

Lovely things. It must be good.

Some Chilean Woman said...

So that's how you spell 'blimmin'! My hubby says that all the time!

Those little muffins looks delish, I want some now.

tea and cake said...

. they were lovely.
Some Chilean Woman - you can certainly have some!