Monday, 23 March 2009


Yep, phew it is. Mr T went to the doc's today, for the result of his X-ray and he's got the all clear. There is just a bit of scarring on his lungs, that looks very old. Mr T thinks that it's probably to do with him having Scarlet Fever when he was a child. This is something he only found out about recently, but remembers going to stay with his auntie and uncle when he was ill at some point.

We are both recovered, it seems, from out coughs and colds and are just tired now. I'm sure a few doses of Metatone Tonic, with lots of fruit and veg, as well as some early nights will do us some good, and get us right as rain again.

Grateful to: good health and a happy family. Nanny's Lolly-dollypop pushed her own dollies pushchair yesterday, for a walk along the river. NBG was very helpful to nanny, which earned her some extra pocket money.
Pleased with: the charity knitting group. It's going from strength to strength, with thirteen people attending, knitting, chatting and laughing out loud, today.
Success: of the hops and lavender mixture I've placed on our bedhead this week. This means that Mr T and I have slept well, and in the same bed for the last four nights. We miss each other if we're not in the same bed.



Buggles Balham High Road said...

I had Scarlet Fever as a child as well and I remember being taken to the Isolation Hospital and thinking I would never see my Mum and Dad again as nobody told me anything. I thought they'd given me away.

But yes - it does scar your lungs.

Glad you are feeling better and stronger and so sweet - even when you are ill its best to be in the same bed and share. Lonely on your own when you don't have to be.

Some Chilean Woman said...

Happy you're sleeping with Mr T. I would miss my Scotsman terribly when he wasn't with me.

I love your blog's name, it's going to make me hungry everytime I look at it :) And Yay for another follower of SCW!

tea and cake said...

thanks, buggles, I read your comment to Mr T, and it confirmed it for him.

chilean woman - I lurve your blog, too!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

I had an X-Ray many years ago and was called back for a second one based on my Scarlet Fever History.

The worst thing about Scarlet Fever was that I didn't feel ill but they still took me away in an ambulance and I was in hospital for weeks. They burned my Teddy Bear and my comics but didn't tell me why. So not only did I think my parents had given me away but that they were all so cruel for stealing my toys.

Then when I got back home my brother wasn't there. This pleased me very much. I thought he'd gone forever and was bitterly disappointed when he came home weeks later as he'd had Scarlet Fever and then further complications so he was in isolation for even longer than I was.

Stay well.

apprentice said...

Great new, and a good night's sleep to back it up - wonderful!

tea and cake said...

That's really sad, buggles. Thank goodness we've all learned so much about the ways to treat children, these days. I remember when my mum had to go into hospital (for a year, for mental ill-health) and a strange man took us in his car to my nan's house, without a word to us about what was happening. Thank goodness this was to rellies, eff knows what it must have been like to go to strangers.

Yep, apprentice, a good night's sleep, together, makes a world of difference!

Elenka said...

Just came across your blog, across the ocean, too.
Your statement of having the attention of a butterfly caught my eye. Join the club! Same here.....

tea and cake said...

Hello Elenka, and welcome! I just popped over to your blog, and Luurve your paintings, they are wonderful. I shall read more to find out answers to all my questions, such as; are you trained? How long have you been painting, etc.
Being a butterfly means we get to see loads of different stuff, don't we?