Thursday, 30 October 2008


Ooh, that's me, that is - squealing!

Look at this - what do you thik it might be?

I did wonder myself when I saw the garish pink ....... ?

And then.

And then, I found it was this!

I've joined the Get Knitted Sock Club and this is the August and October postings.
Yippeee! So, for the last couple of days I've barely watched our new, flat-screen, fixed-to-the wall, telly in the bedroom (what else do you do there. Oh, right.) Instead, have been trawling my sock books, leaflets, free patterns etc trying to decide just what to do with them.
Mr T has bagsied the green, so it'll have to be a deep-voiced, manly pattern for him, then.
Ooh, ooh, when shall I stop squealing, and find the time to start some socks?

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Yes! In October!

Yes, dear reader - SNOW and in OCTOBER! Though, I am told by those who were born here, that it isn't unusual.

I was meant to go up the road to work yesterday afternoon, but the snow was blowing in by blizzard and it looked so lovely. So did the fire. And, a girl has knitting to do.

So, I sat by the fire and knitted. Bliss.

As you'll see from the piccie, you can't see into the distance, as the snow blowing in by blizzard is in the way!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

White Knuckle Knitting

Last week, I was pleased to be teacher, to some lovely friends who wanted to learn to knit, and we were all so excited!

When I arrived, the fire was being lit and lunch prepared, as well as scones being popped into the oven. I set up the folders I had pre-prepared for my students, as well as a selection of yarns, needles and swatches of various stitches for them to look at. After the other two arrived, the table was cleared again, to make space for the delicious warm scones and warming pot of tea.

Then, enclosed in the lovely warmth of low ceiling light, the smell of the woodsmoke and cats curling around our legs, the lesson proper began. Their folders contained the lesson plan of twenty or so terms and processes we would be looking at and explaining throughout the day; a notebook and pencil; a couple of patterns - one for an easy scarf and the other for a dishcloth; a laminated sheet, showing how to cast on, knit, purl and cast off; and the most important piece of equipment, on which I based today's lesson - a gauge/tension measure.

Now, I had a surprise to expose to my petit enfant pupils! Upon receiving my copy of the new knitting magazines this month, I had espied an ad by First 4 Yarns and their scrumptious Peaches and Creme cotton yarn - to be used for dishcloths - Perfect! So, I'd bought several colourways (which almost arrived before I'd placed my order, thank you) and the girlies were able to choose their favourite colour. After some oohs, aahs, and ouches, cast on their 26 stitches.

With tongues sticking out we chose a (my) way of casting on - the cable method of poking the needle between the next two stitches, etc and so we were, until some were able to move onto purl stitches. We even got to drop some, too! Which was exactly what I wanted to happen, so they could learn what to do next. Brilliant.

They were the most clever of students, all three of them really put in a hundred percent effort and, I feel, got the very most out of their day. I really enjoyed employing my previous teaching experience into two things which give me great pleasure - being with friends, and Knitting!

And, we all went home with either a completed, colourful dishcloth, or a nearly one.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

A little bit busy

Well, it seems time does go by, and stuff does calm down. Thank you so much to all of you who left kind comments, either here or to my email. This support is so valuable to me.

I don't feel as if I've done too much over the last couple of weeks, though I have been to work, seen friends, had a Rural committee meeting at my home, with cake and everything, and sent my bezzie mate a nintendo ds cover that I knitted from eco 100% wool and then felted, thus;
The first piccie shows the inside and the second, the outside.
And, my bezzy mate, kind woman that she is, sent me a great big parcel full of things for me and my grand-daughter - some half chaps and jodpurs for nanny's best girl, and some knitting patterns, bolster covers, and a tray cloth made by an auntie of hers for me. This is in amongst her moving her mum to be nearer to her, and supporting the rest of her family. A star, that what she is. x

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Damn Back Dog

I want to write 'funny' or informative, deep even, with pictures. But, it's difficult as the back is not feeling good and the black dog again approaches. I can feel the depression setting in. This does have something to do with the time of year as well, but the back just doesn't help it.

I've been awake again, in the night, worrying. I'm not sure how long I can keep up with my current work of housekeeper. I finally came to the conclusion, last week, that I simply cannot do the job alone. This is the first time I had to do this without the help of Mr T or our daughter, and it was a wake-up call, really. Now, in my main job I'm really just paid a retainer to be there 'as and when' and this seems to work okay. But, my second job, the one I really like best - and get on exceptionally well with the owners - is the hard one. We were talking about my taking over all the bookings as well as the general running of things, which would be brill for me. It's just the cleaning of the changeovers that I struggle so much with. Though, one option could be that I get paid help to deal with this, if/when Mr T or our daughter are unable to be there. I'll think about that one.

The other big worry is that if my back is getting worse, or I'm falling into the realms of last winter's episode, then I just don't think I can take things as they were then. We are going to have to move into one of the spare bedrooms, that is next to the bathroom. Our house has a strange layout - downstairs there are two rooms with, on the outside, a large shed either side. Upstairs has three bedrooms and bathroom, set above the two rooms + sheds - our bedroom the largest and one we are most comfortable in is at the opposite end to the bathroom. Bloody, bloody long walk when in agony.

If we can't live in this, our tied house, then we'd have to move from here and our jobs. Now, we could manage financially, but I've always worked and always intended to until well past retirement. Ooh, you can see the whirly-gig of my mind in the night, can't you?

Added to this, because I am worried and trying to work it out and not be upset, I feel I'm kind of 'nippy' with people? And, people don't take it. They just say, 'bugger you, then!' and go away. And, I don't want that, so I have to try and be 'up' and 'funny' and just 'okay.'

Well, it's just gone midday. Saturday Kitchen is long finished. I'll go and get dressed.

Don't worry, this is just wallowing in self pity and working 'stuff' out. Thank goodness, this is all I have to worry about. My family are all well, Mr T has been painting windows for me this week - he must love me as he just hates painting!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Where does the time go?

I just don't know where all the time goes lately. Suddenly, today's Wednesday and it's the first of October, and probably nearly Xmas, if I know anything, grumble, mumble.

I do love Autumn. For the smokey smells, morning mists and mellowing colours. But, I get so tired at this time of year as well. I have also begun to take my painkillers for the 4 x per day, as prescribed which, while it helps me not to be awoken with the pain during the night, makes me a tad sleepy during the day. Hey, ho.

But, while the last couple of days have been non-productive on the craft front, it has on the dolly-lollypop front. Since mum goes to work I have the delicious pleasure of looking after baby in her absence.

'Couldn't you just watch a baby all day long?' asks my bezzy mate, in joyous wonderment. 'Most certainly, yep.' Is the answer.

Speaking of bezzy mates, I started a project for mine some time ago, which I presented to her during her visit. It is this elephant pouch, the pattern for which I got from a lovely inspirational book, The Crafters' Companion. Made with love and giggles for my lovely, inspirational mate.

ps. there is something more on its way to her, shhh!