Tuesday, 7 July 2009

What I did in my holidays

bezzie mate

Well, I blinked, and the visit I had at the beginning of JUNE this year, from my bezzie mate has gone into the annals of history! We had quite a busy time of it, yet it was still a lovely and relaxing time as well.

One of the places we visited was Stirling Castle on a beautiful sunny day, with our craft group. We went to see the tapestries they are copying there, and had a brilliant tour of the tapestry weavers at work.

It is a very lovely place to visit, with everything there that you need. And, on the QT, once I'd joined Historic Scotland, those friends around me were getting 20% discount on the gifts they were buying.

We swapped diet tips, recipes and magazines, as well as nearly sticking to said (a combination of Slimmers World and the Gi) diets; oh and we went to a farm where they make their own ice-cream! And, believe it or not, only put on a couple of pounds between us.

Somewhere else we went, was to a craft store at Letham, Forfar, and bought some croxx stitch kits. And, as I am addicted to crafting, so I have now been a 'pusher' and Bezzie Mate is now also addicted, yay result! (She made a very pretty bookmark and, I hear, has finished the bracelet.)

And, of course, at the end of it, she went home with one of my bags!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Not Naff!

I have been involved with a charity knitting group for a while, and thoroughly enjoy it! We knit hats for prem babies, hats for sailors and all manner of things. There are about nineteen of us and we all seem to get on quite well - in fact the level of noisy chatter can reach such a pitch at times that you can't hear yourself think, let alone join in any conversation, at times.

We have decided to make the Christmas boxes for children, and were quite happily making (yet more!) hats, scarves, mittens and cardies for the children. We also decided to take part in the village Flower Festival and she who leads us suggested we knit a bunch of flowers to enter into the flower displays. Well, we entered into it all with great gusto! And, I think it could have been so naff, but isn't. I am so impressed with us all.
Can you see the ladybird, butterfly and bee? Can you spot his eyebrows?! Posted by Picasa We have also knitted, felted and sewn items to sell on a table, at the Festival.
When we send the parcels to be shipped to those in need, there is a £2 fee, which needs to be taped to the lid of the shoebox.
So, the plan is that instead of asking for donations of cash, we will raise what is needed by the sale of our work, and we'll also raffle the bouquet.