Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ta Da!

At last, it's finished.  And entered.  And in the exhibition.  At last, it's Ta Da!

My project, for the City and Guilds Creative Textiles and Embroidery course I'm on, is a pair of cushions.  The design is based upon Knitting, but I didn't want to include actual knitting in it.  Then, my granddaughter, who is very clever and loves photography, took a picture of some tractor tyre tracks in the snow, and voila! The design started to take shape. 

I painted some patterns onto paper, using bamboo skewers and ink, then built up my fabric, so that I could embroider the design. Choosing to just use a running stitch kept the design as the focus and, as my tutor suggested, the stitches found their own direction. Every, and each, stitch was placed in just the space, direction and size I chose; sometimes making a copy of the pattern, and at others being a representation.  One panel represents a cable pattern that was on my jumper, and the other is of a design from a jumper I knitted one of my granddaughters at Christmas - two rows of stocking stitch, two of garter and another of stocking stitch.

The 'V' shape became very important, and I wanted to use that for the 'framing' in the mitred edgings to the panels.  Then, the fabric I used for the edging has lines within the weave that I used to 'point' to the panel.

Ooh, I am really pleased with the process of making these pieces, and with the result I've produced.