Saturday, 1 December 2007

Trapped ...

This tea house has been a poorly house for a while now moan, groan and moan some more. Due to having a rotten cold and chest infection I must have coughed in the wrong way. Now, to a woman of my middle years, this usually means one must cross one's legs for fear of ahem leakage.

I had done that but, unfortunately, something else must have happened because I also trapped a blimmin' nerve in my lower back. And, it was fucking painful to say the least. Mr T took me to the chiropractor who had lovely cold hands and zapped me with her zapper and sent me home. Oooh, that car journey home was excruciating, with every bump, turn, stop and start getting me to screaming pitch. In tears when I arrived home, I wondered if the hour and a half, £25, trip had been worth it.

Next day I visited the doc and asked him to prescribed Tramadol and Amitryptaline, which he did. Then, I spent a couple of days not here. Well, here in body but stoned out of my tiny mind with the drugs. Having never taken anything stronger than dope, this was some experience!

Anyway, today I feel a little better and have cut the tabs down to one at each meal and bedtime. If I was still in my last job, which I hated, I think it would have taken me, oh months to get better, as I whiled away the time. But, as I love my current jobs, I shall be up and running about again in no time.

It's funny how that works, isn't it?