Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pillowslip dress

Believe it or not, but this dress was cut out of a vintage pillowslip, which is really lovely and soft through the amount of laundering it will have had. It is much thicker than the bedding you can buy in the shops today, it seems. Plus, the lining was some recycled stuff I had in my stash, too. The pattern is a vintage one I bought from Silly Gilly's shop a while ago, when she was having a clear-out. I am really pleased with this, and it looks gorgeous on nanny's little 2 year old lolly-dolly-pop. It is a little too big, but she'll be wearing it for a while yet.


Some Chilean Woman said...

How adorable is that?! Vintage is the way to go!

tea and cake said...

It is SCW! And, she looks adorable in it!

. said...

It's lovely.