Monday, 16 February 2009

No Problem

Me: Hello?

Mr Boss: Hello, Karen, how are you?

Mr: I'm very well (shouting back, he's hard of hearing.) How are you?

Mr Boss: Good, good. I've been thinking about the 15th of August, and I think we'll have a fork lunch.

Me: er, okay. Now, when is that date again?

Mr Boss: I'm coming up in June, but not July, and we'll have a fork lunch, hopefully outside. And, it won't matter how many are coming. Is that alright?

Me: So, you'll be here in June, and then again in August for your party?

Mr Boss: Yes, that's right!

Me: That will be wonderful, Mr Boss. We'll look forward to it.

Mr Boss: Right-o, goodbye then.

It appears there will be a party to organise, which we know will be on Saturday the 15th. And, I've to organise a 'fork lunch' - presumeably a buffet where plates and forks, no knives, are used. It could be indoors or outside, and numbers have yet to be confirmed, so that could be for twelve people or forty, or fifty, or sixty..... then.

Shall we have goat's cheese and red onion tart and merangue roulade with raspberry cream? Or sausage rolls and cheese with pinapple on sticks, followed by tinned fruit cocktail with evap? Do you dare me?!

Ah, that'll be me busy then.


Shabby Chick said...

Yeah I dare you... the full on half an orange covered in foil with the sticks pushed into it! My mum in law still serves that kind of food at her parties and my husband would have me do the same if he had his way :-/

Mel xxx

tea and cake said...

Ha, ha! Mr T would, too! I used to cover half a cabbage, I bet the orange smelled lovely - esp. with sausages, eyuk! x

J said...

Sausage rolls are the food of the gods, and should be appreciated by everyone! ;)

I have just started reading your blog and am really enjoying it.

tea and cake said...

Hello and Welcome, J! I just popped over to your blog and am so envious of your trip! Makes me wonder whether the idea of investing in my old age is a better idea than planning another trip! Thank you for your comment, and yes, sausage rolls, with melting flaky pastry is yumm!

Dusty Spider said...

Oh go on, make them a cheese and pickled onion hedgehog - you know you want to..... xxxxxx

tea and cake said...

This is certainly looking favourite at the moment, dusty!

stitchwort said...

Go the full retro hog, and give them condensed milk sandwiches!

tea and cake said...

Yeah, with chocolate buttons in, stitchwort!

Papoosue said...

Stop! You're making me hungry...sausage rolls...yum :-)

tea and cake said...

Hello, papoosue! Now then, wee cocktail sausage rolls, or the dinner size ones, I wonder?!

Dusty Spider said...

I have an award for you over at my place, comes with a task of course but you can't have everything! xxx

Penny said...

Just a quick note - I sent an email asking for your address for my PJ giveaway, but I haven't heard anything back - I don't know if I had the right email address.

tea and cake said...

thank you for my Award, dusty - I shall think about the answers and then post them up here. x

Penny, I have now emailed you. Sorry, my email has been playing up, lately. x