Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Scotch Mist

Wow, this was the view outside my kitchen window the other morning, at 5 am. Summer is on the way, it seems. I went outside, in my dressing-gown and Mr T's slippers to try and capture some of the freshness.

It was so peaceful, and I noticed several bunny rabbits skittering about the place, and even a large hare. But, each one would scatter as I turned to take their picture.

What a treat it was.
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Some Chilean Woman said...

That's the view from your kitchen??? I am very jealous!

tea and cake said...

It is very beautiful - nearly as good as the Lake at Utah?

Dusty Spider said...

I can just imagine - bet it was wonderful. xxxx

tea and cake said...

heloo, dusty! it was.