Thursday, 24 June 2010

Commissions #1 Boat Curtains

Last year I was given three, yes three commissions for my sewing.  I was happy and pleased about this, but was so busy with 'work' stuff that I simply didn't get to them.  Yep, I felt guilty, really guilty actually, and stressed.

But, voilà!  I have, at last, completed all three.  The first of which I will show you the pictures of here today, and will save the others for the next few days, as I take photos of them.

The first is the boat curtains for my bezzy friend's lovely little boat.  What she wanted was me to decorate the curtain linings so that it brightened up the boat when it was out of use during the winter - what a brilliant idea!

Don't they look splendid?  Poor old little bruv had suffered a bit of damage on this trip, but is soon mended and they are travelling around in it for a whole month, soon.

I am really pleased with how they came out, and may be taking orders from her friends, who are very jealous, apparently!

More soon - about the dress from curtains, made with a pattern from 1959, and the charity bags.


Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blog Workshops

I have recently had the pleasure of taking a couple of 'Build your own Blog' workshops, and have been so impressed with how well the people have learned.  Now, some of the people in the two groups just flew.  One called herself 'click happy' but others, looked, learned, took notes and best of all just played around with it.

Some were literally scared of what might be involved when they pressed a button on the keyboard - though all were guaranteed they would not blow anything up!  All were wary about what information they wanted to share with the Whole Wide World, and quite rightly one of the first things they wished to be shown was how to protect themselves and their family, friends or clients' confidentiality, while knowing how to get viewers to see their pages.

A few were very confused about the process, but I found that as each person thought about what they would use a blog for, they could apply it and so it would make sense.  Whether it was to be used for their business, a diary, or listing dates or recording events all found their own way to get the most out of their blog.

Welcome to our world, new bloggers!

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A quiet den

A quiet sit down, with some sock knitting, a cushion and a book about caravans

some tea making stuff, an apple

and a view from the window.

Such peace.

I shall miss our old caravan, now it's been sold.  Ah well, it was great for the short time we had two caravans about the place.

But, all is not lost as we do have the newer 'van!