Saturday, 12 September 2009

O dear, another oops.

I don't know why it takes me so long to be posting on here lately, but I do keep up with those I follow. To catch up I am still knitting up a storm - the latest things have been crocheted brooches, which sell quite well thru' word of mouth - some for me and some for the charity knitting group, which is good. Here is a piccie of one I made for a birthday pressie, for someone whose party we are going to tonight. (As she is a very competitive person, the request was for a handmade present, costing no more than £5, and she will choose her favourite. I am not sure what happens to the ones that don't win, and I don't know her that well to know if she'll even like a crocheted brooch, but I like it, so I've enjoyed making it.) The picture is quite dark as it's now evening, and if I put on the flash the mirrored button shone out where nothing else did! Please excuse my crap photo taking.

I am currently making cream coloured jackets for the expected grandchild, who is due in March, but we don't know whether it is a girl or a boy until the next scan. No, I wouldn't usually want to know beforehand, but his/her parents to be are really keen to start living the dream and having a name for their child will, it appears, just add to their joy. For this child's big sister I am knitting a hooded jumper (sweater) with a pouch pocket on the front. She had told me she wanted purple then, after me buying the yarn, decided she wanted stripes. So, I bought a ball of lilac and pink and will mix and match these in.
However, I have been so blimmin' busy with work lately that only one lot of sewing has been done. Now, how to put this delicately. Nah, bugger it. Some time ago, when Mr T and I were off for a weekend away, I treated myself to some new underwear, including some fancy knickers. Nothing racy from that shop you understand, but fripperies and frillies. Well, since then I've hardly worn them as I lost a bit of weight, which just made them uncomfortable to wear. So. As my sewing machine is next to my bedroom I have been able to pop in there and alter them! I don't own an overlocking machine, but do have zig-zag on my sewing machine, so I sew about a half inch (1.5 cm) down each side and the same along the back of the gusset - this being sewn on the right side to stop any unwanted rubbing.

The only problem so far was the day I heard someone come in the front door, who turned out to be my daughter, phew! I was dreading my son-in-law catching me naked at the sewing machine. The poor boy would have fainted, I'm sure!


Gail said...

I was enjoying a cup of tea and found your blog via Buggles Balham. I love your crochet flower - very de la mode - your friend would be mad not to choose it!

tea and cake said...

Hello Gail, welcome and Thank you!

Papoosue said...

That really made me laugh, spluttered my Lemsip over the laptop! Hope everything is fitting as it should be now ;-) The little corsage is absolutely gorgeous - very pretty indeed. xxxx

tea and cake said...

papoosue, sorry to hear you are needing lemsip - unless you are addicted, of course!
thanks for your comments, and the giggles. x