Monday, 30 September 2013

Back, with my back

Well, I had my op two weeks ago today, and am coping really quite well; though I have not done any knitting!  I can sit for a short time, which means I can keep abreast of bloggings, thank goodness.  But, more than that I now just love my iPhone, and my Kindle!

They have been lifesavers for keeping in touch with the world, and I have even been able to keep up with work via the iPhone, as well.

The op was a bigger deal that I had anticipated as, previously, I have recovered remarkably quickly.  But, that must have been due to luck and being a tad younger, I think!  This time there have been headaches.  Now, apparently, these are to be expected as, when you have spinal surgery, there will be some leakage of the spinal fluid.  Yep.  Ugh!  I know.  But, though I was not expecting it, and a friend, a retired doctor, thank goodness was able to re-assure me of its normality.  However, I fear there is another problem, and that is I think something happened to my neck during or after the surgery, and that appears to be what is prolonging the sodding headaches.  But, hey ho, if these have not subsided in a couple of weeks, I have a lovely chiropractor I can visit, and I'm sure she will be able to help.

In the meantime, it was while I was at a weaving class, that I got the call to tell me there may be a cancellation for the op, and can I go in the Next Day, in readiness for the surgery first thing on Monday morning.  Yes.  I said.

But, in the meantime, on with the weaving.  Our tutor for the day was the very talented Cally Booker of  The Bonnie Claith, Dundee  (Carolyn to her mother) and she took us through all the stages of winding and setting up a loom for the weaving.  Very cleverly she set us to the weaving, and interrupted us to show us each of the other stages.  This meant that we are actually producing actual weaving, and adding in the other bits in the meantime.  This has also meant that all the 'stages' have stayed with us, well me, anyway.

Ta da!

The first is my piece still being woven on the loom, and the second is when I got it home.  I haven't washed it yet, being rather busy, but cannot wait to make something for Mr T out of it.  I have long wanted to learn weaving, but I know I will become addicted.  And, dear reader, I have!

I shall now be looking into second hand looms.  And, writing a very good letter to Santa!