Thursday, 1 March 2007

Donny, David or Rod?

Donny or David? In my yoof, cira 1973, I was a David Cassidy fan, he was soooo cute! We don't see so much of him now, and, like some of us, he hasn't really kept his looks. Hooever, Donny (Osmond, in case you are a zoomer) is on the telly lately and, on this lunch-time's edition of Loose Women, he was introduced as the 'Original Teen Idol'


A teen idol, as far as I know, is the bloke you drool over, scream at, sob over, dream and fantasize (yep, sexually, of course. Even when you are only aged 12 or 13, or younger) 'cos you Firmly Believe he will happen upon you, straight away fall madly in love with you, thus making his life complete. Teenagers only evolved around the 'fifties, when Elvis Presley hit the sounds and screens, and hitherto-before demure young ladies, jumped up and down, doing all of the above. He was the 'Original' and, don't tell anyone but he can make me squiggle about even now. Even though he was my parents' generation, and is believed to be dead.

Now, a later and everlasting idol for me, is Rod Stewart (not yet a Sir ...) Not, you understand, just because he is sexy, sassy, wrong-'un type that your father would not allow within a million miles of his unsullied (?) daughter but he is a superb song-writer, and great performer.

At the moment I am stamping my feet (yup, another tantrum. Possibly) because he is due in Concert at the Hampden Park Footie Ground in Glasgow in July. My birthday's in July. I want to go and see him. But the cheapest tickets are 75 pound coins of this realm. But, we need to seriously consider a new matress in order to stop the groaning aches we find ourselves with, as we grapple out of a fitful sleep each morning ...

Watch this space, kiddos.


Jen said...

Seventy five great British pounds eh? That's quite a lot.


If you go see Rod and let him croon to you, you will not need a new mattress at all.

You will be floating, floating, floating...

See? The voice of reason, me.


tea and cake said...

and, I'm now too old *sob* to be a trophy wife, unless he is now ready for some steady maturity. Nah.

Dusty Spider said...

I agree, the orginal pop heart throb was Elvis not Donny!

75 quid to see Rod? They're 'avin a giraffe!! He can't possibly need the money, that's just greedy.

Buy a DVD of the concert later and drool as many times as you like!

tea and cake said...

Dusty Spider: as things are going, it looks like that is a spiffing idea - they're the cheap seats *squeal* as well!