Wednesday, 14 March 2007


It's 10 past 6 am. I have been awake since 30 minutes past 4 am. This is the result of having an early night. This may not be very early by other peoples' standards, but 11 pm was Early for me, lately. I've been, I dunno, sitting up until 2 or 3 am each night (morning?) lately. Looking at films, Skins, Scrubs etc on the telly, as well as checking my email, looking at blogs (there is some v.v. funny people out there!) eBay, Amazon and, O, anything that takes my fancy on the computer machine.

Then, I can't get up in the morning.

So, I am grumpy. And, can't Get On with anything with any kind of Energy.

Then Kerpow! I've signed up to do this Race for Life and, suddenly, I have Energy! I have been motivated to bully all my email contacts - some of whom I haven't written to in, O, ages, except to pass on 'funnies' like you do; I've printed out a sponsor sheet, ready to bully those lovlies at the rural who don't have email, or have been sensible to not give me their email address; printed out a training sheet, in order to bully myself into doing stuff, or at least, read whilst laying on the sofa to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows in; spoken to a couple of pals and bullied them into joining the race too. One of whom had the cheek to call me Ms Bossy Boots! But both of whom try to bully me into stopping smoking.

Ah, yes National Non-Smoking day today. Or is it World-wide Non-smoking Day?

Anyhoo, I shall try to not smoke today, (please, miss can I have more tomorrow?)

And, one of my pals is coming round on Friday am, so we can begin our walking training.

So, perhaps this Race for Life is gonna do something to prolong My Life, eh?


kate1976 said...

well done you for getting motivated!!! i will sponsor you!

tea and cake said...

Thank you! you are very kind ... and I just remembered that I didn't remember to not smoke today. Bugger.

kate1976 said...

nobody's perfect!!!