Saturday, 17 March 2007

Puff, pant and rock

We started our walking 'training' yesterday. As I am not fit, at all, I succumbed to very achy little leggies, being puffed out and, as I'd worn Mr T's socks instead of mine, getting blisters on my heels.

Not only that but also, we enjoyed fantastic views from up the hill, fresh air, red cheeks and a sense of achievement that I had actually got off my arse and moved about the place a bit. We've diaried in to walk around near A's place next week. A is very much more used to walking than I am, and she's slimmer, younger etc so, I shall have to get some practice in!

But, when to get the time? I have to see the rest of $aturday £itchen this morning. I have a Rural meeting this afternoon and, the 'competition' is for 3 rock buns (see? how exciting?) But, I thought I would have a go, and realised I haven't made these things for nearly forty years! It was in first year of senior school, aged 11. I can remember having made them but for the lifeof me couldn't remember what they even looked like, let alone tasted.

Luckily, Mr T went to the same school as me, and had to do 'domestic science' as cooking was called then and he made them too! So, he was chief taster and passed them as 'mmm, ok' for me. Shall I faint if I win?


Doris said...

I'm impressed. I love the whole concept of walking (or cycling, or swimming) but then lose it on the actual *doing* part of it all. So well done!

tea and cake said...

Thanks, I'm impressed with me, too. I am crap at gettin' movin' and it's only the Cause that is getting me off the sofa!