Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Dirty cups, snow and backseat distractions

I have cleared my bedroom floor by picking up all my clothes,
sorted out the many, many books on my beside table, brought down furry cups and glasses and put rubbish in the bin. I did this without being nagged, or threats of being grounded. Oh, and I'm not 14 but 49!

We have snow again!

And those kind, helpful snow-plough people have cleared the road at the end of the drive, but obviously think we don't want to go anywhere, as they piled it up about 4 feet high at the gate, thus blocking all entry and exits.

Oh, and on the news today it was announced a zero tolerance and hefty fines for being distracted from driving, by using a mobile 'phone on the move. I absolutely agree with this, as we are about 6% more likely to have an accident while telling people 'I'm going through a tunnel now.' There is further discussion on the banning of other distracting things to do while driving, such as eating and smoking. I used to be able to do all three... and have my morning cup of tea with me, but then, donkey's years ago we used to smoke in bed (but not while driving.)

When my children were in the car I often had to threaten to Stop the Car and Make Them Walk, if they would not stop fighting/arguing/asking 'are we nearly there, yet? Or grit my teeth when mother or mother-in-law would question my driving/dirctions or what I had bought in the sales.

My thought for today is - When will they ban the transportation of babies, toddlers, children and aged parents from the back seat?


Jen said...

You have snow? Real snow?

Oh, I shall be there in a jiffy! A jiffy, I tell you!

Save some for meeeeeeeeee


Karen said...

So it's not just me has the teenager's bedroom. The cleaning up is soooo much more satisfying when you can see the difference otherwise life's just too short

tea and cake said...

Jen: Bah! the darned stuff has gone all slushy in the rain.
But it was soooo goooood to see nanny's best girl sliding down the hill of the lawn and coming in all red and shiney-faced!
You'll have to be reeeel quick to catch it now ... c'mon!

karen: (my name too!) Yep, and after my bath I shall get into luverly clean sheets as well! Yum.