Friday, 16 March 2007

Buy This!

'THIS' is a book, full of funny stuff all written by V.V. Funny Bloggers, compiled by Mike Atkinson, in support of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day.

I just did! at;



Ujima said...

I finally stopped procrastinating and sent out 50 emails asking for contributions in support of our Relay for Life. It was/is sleeting heavily so I couldn't go out walking or go to work with the trainer. POW! Two donations came in already!
Thanks for saying you'd check to see how my total was coming. It gave me impetus to get started begging 8>D Now I've gotta start writing notes to those with no email. Thanks for the push.

tea and cake said...

You are very welcome, Ujima! Good for you!

Does it feel like begging? I kind of think it gives people the opportunity to support the charity? Or perhaps I'm a hard business woman?!

Ujima said...

That was a smile 8>D after begging.

tea and cake said...

8>D I like!