Monday, 12 March 2007

Just one more thing ...

Now then, I know that over just the last few days I have asked you to donate a funny blog, to help needy folk around the world; not eat unethical chocolate, thus do a bit towards stopping slavery, that was, apparently, abolished oh, about 200 years ago, except it's not. Stopped that is.


I do have just one more thing to bring to your attention, and to ask not just for your support, but also for your money, too. Cancer Research UK, Race for Life has just had another entrant, me, at Perth, on 1st July, um this year. This Year!

Please see the thingy at the in the side bar and, please do donate at least a little Something. Or enter and do it your self. Thank you.

O, and I'd best get moving a foot. Or Two. One, after the other.


Ujima said...

NO WAY!!! I'm walking in the Relay for Life in June for the 4th year and am also raising money!!

tea and cake said...

Wow! Good for you, Ujima! How long is that? Our Race for Life is 5k, which is, I think, about 2 miles or so.

Ujima said...

Ours is a team event (luckily for me).Teams camp out at the local highschool field for 24 hours. A member of your team must be walking the track at all times. I do the Survivor Walk on Saturday afternoon and help at the registration desk and help with the games and things.I walk with Cotyle's Cafe, a family pub whose mom & brother died from cancer. here's my page link

tea and cake said...

I g**gled the relay race in the uk site, and its in a similar format.

And, I've saved your link to my favourites to see how you get on too!

Good luck with it. I see you already go to the gym. My training starts on Friday!