Sunday, 11 March 2007

Hedgehogs, Ginger Beer and Chocolate

Ooh, I'm hungover. Not from alcohol, you understand, as I only drunk Ginger Beer and Lime. But, we didn't get to bed until about 3 am, after going to a Ceilidh Ball last night. And, I danced! The Dashing White Sargeant, it was, and I was bloomin' knackered - then at midnight there was a disco, ooh! I love dancing, and did it, well, a lot. 'Dancing Queen' me. Trouble is I have a sore hip. And, I don't really exercise much. So, this is the first exercise I've had for, oh, some while, ouch.

I took nanny's best girl to Burnham, Perthshire, yesterday to look at the Beatrix Potter exhibition. Well worth the one pound coin entrance fee. She's nearly ten (NBG, not Beatrix) but still enjoyed dressing up in Mrs Tiggie Winkle's bonnet, pretending to iron old fashioned clothes, grimmaced at the drawings of spiders and loved reading about her life. Well worth the drive and the money. We went into the dreaded 'gift' shop and the only thing NBG really, really wanted was a book of Beatrix's journal. Now, she has a birthday coming up shortly ...

Speaking of special occasions, I know some of you do buy for mother's day, and will probably buy for Easter so, I'd like to ask you to look at this site.

It tells you where you can buy chocolate that is human traffic free. Do scroll down to the 'Good Chocolate Guide' highlighted in blue.
Thank you. (picture downloaded from Fair Trade site)

Now, I shall have to get dressed, the family are all coming round for their Sunday Roast dinner and, I hope they will make the coffee, to help my poor head that is hungover from staying up late, too much ginger beer and, ahem, too many fags ...


Ujima said...

Wonderful blog, T&C! I shall check in with you every day.

tea and cake said...

Hello Ujima, and welcome!

Thank you for liking my blog, you are kind. I shall look at yours, too.

I love this virtual community, don't you?

And, yep, you can be President!