Thursday, 1 February 2007

Today The Sun Was Weird

The sun today was quite weird and bugger if I didn't have my camera with me again. We (Freaky Friday) and I decided to not go swimming and go for some lunch instead and we travelled along under a fairly grey sky. But, in the distance there were some bare trees against a strip of skyline that was bright, bright blue. It was eerie. The weather was so lovely and mild I could have put out my washing on the line, sadly (as I am a sad person) my favourite job.

However, I was late for a meeting of a few of us from the Rural (Scottish WI without the Jeruselam) to sort out what we are going to do for the local Play Competition. We decided some time ago that several of us wanted to do it and, spookily as the theme is Fashion Show, at least two of us are somewhat larger than the current high profile of size 0 models. It is expected that the playlette of 10 minutes duration should be a farce. As usual, it was quite interesting to hear the different visions each person in a group of people will have. We talked around several ideas and finally decided on my (simple and basic) idea, which was developed, grew legs, and had 'meat' added. I have now been dubbed 'local writer in residence' and am expected, just because I volunteered, to come up with a draft script - ready for 10 am on Monday morning! One of the others has said she'll do the props and each of us will come up with names for each of the 5 of us who will be on stage.

While this is scary as people are relying on me, I now feel I have to be a grown up and produce what is expected. This is something I have never liked to do. For example, I have always knitted; I love knitting and will often knit something for someone, especially a new baby. But, this is the quirky bit, I usually can only do this if I have decided to myself that I want to do it, not if I've promised it, or I have been asked to do it. I think it is a fear of not acutally being able to achieve it. Hmmm. I wonder if this is why I tit about Not sending stuff off to anyone who might publish my work. Apart from the fact that I am lazy and can only work to a deadline, hence my excitement at getting my draft ready for Monday. I shall have fun with it.

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