Thursday, 15 February 2007

That was the week, that was

Crikey, I seem to have been away for Ages! But, things have been happening, o yes. The new dishwasher has Changed my Life, I can tell you. Apart from now loading the stuff into the machine and it, well, washing it. We (the Royal We) put in new worktops and, instead of having a board over part of it to cover up a gaping hole at the back from when we re-arranged it to fit our fridge in ... blah, blah - the upshot is that I now have More Space in the kitchen, in which to make a mess And clear it up = bliss!

And, I do suffer the 'Blues' a bit at times and I get very down. Sometimes it is because I overload myself with saying 'yes' when I should say 'No! Bugger Off!' This is mainly because I forget that I am no longer a spring chicken of, say, 30 or so. I am, ahem, a tad older though, unfortunately it seems, not much wiser. Lately, in order to 'join in' and 'make new pals' I allowed myself to be sooked into writing the playlette for the WI Comp. This is, however, as well as my two OU courses starting at the beg. of Feb. To whit, I felt so panicked that my head went deep into the sand, lost sleep, considered running away to ... well, possibly join the circus (I knew somebody once who did exactly that, oh, she was my hero for a time!) Anyhoo, this has now been cured. I asked my lovely Freaky Friday for help, and we sat down today and put meat on the bones, as'twer, and it's Done! Done! Done! I took copies of the script, darhlinks, to the Rural meeting tonight, ready for rehearsal tomorrow morning. I am now so bloody relieved that I shall open my books for the two courses, both of which I am now two weeks behind, and Get Started.

Plus, in other bloody good news: Mwa and Bri have put an offer on a new house; My Bezzie mate's daughter just got engaged; and another pal, who is Heartily sick of her job, has an interview for another one tomorrow. Hurrah for all.

Hmm, had a lovely Valentine's Day (with Flowers!) and went out for a meal with Freaky Friday and her family, for her Birthday. (See above piccie, her friend sent to her, aah!) I remember her writing in one of her school books that she was 'mummy's Valentine's Day present.' How dare my youngest child now be aged 29!


Cailleach said...

Good for you T&C. Best of luck with the two writing courses Short fiction and plays, right?
I do OU too - in last year of BA Lit, did 2 L3s last year - never again will I double up!
This year am doing A215 Creative Writing course, nice way to finish off. So far is great fun, stretching me in ways I've not been stretched and we have a dayschool in Dublin this Sat (clashing very badly with rugby match but there you go!).
Wish you God speed getting into your courses, they're great fun!
Pop into OUSA Writers and OUSA Scribb & Scribes if you're hooked up to First Class conferencing and say hello! (if you've not done already ;) )

tea and cake said...

Hi cailleach! I did A215 last year, and loved it! This year's are Shakespeare intro and writing plays. I have nearly caught up with the plays but am far, far behind in Shakey, oh dear.
You'll have a great day school but, if rugger does take over your tutor should post what was done on your TG.
I bow to you for doing two L3's, my god, did you sleep at all?!!