Saturday, 10 February 2007

Ooh, snow!

Meet my new friend ... as I write at five past eight pm, his hat is covered in the white stuff, which hasn't stopped tipping out of the sky All Day! Bugger, I was cream-crackered after playing snowballing and snowman building this morning - had to have a sleep this arvo, when Mr T took nanny's best girl to the front lawn with a sledge. However, it was too deep, apparently for sledging, she kept sinking!

Our neighbour, Mrs Farmer, went down to the town this morning in her land rover and, luckily, brought me some shopping back, but no-one can get in or out tonight.

As always, my first thought is, have we got enough to eat stored in the cupboards? And we have - flour, eggs, porage oats (the Scott's brand spelling, I've just noticed) veg, onions, potatoes, bread, milk. Pity we'll not be snowbound for a couple of weeks as I have enough supplies!


Ally said...

Fantastic snowman! *waves* have finally got round to visiting and am about to blogroll you ...

tea and cake said...

Yea, the rain has now washed most of him away, only a bit of body left now ... awe. But, at least we can now get out of the drive and Go Places!

Cailleach said...

Hi there T&C, thanks for stopping by at mine. I love your pictures here and your style of writing too. Great underlying humour in them!
Are you doing a present OU course? ;)

tea and cake said...

Hello and *wave* to cailleach! Thank you for your comments - erm, some of the humour is bitterness, rage and, well, sheer tantrum!
I'm currently doing A176 & A177, Writing Plays & Shakespeare, though I am behind already due to the WI Playlette that I'm cooking up!
Do you do OU - not quite poetree!?