Friday, 23 February 2007

I. Have. A. Cold.

I cannot remember the last time I had a cold. And, I don't like colds. Mainly because when you have one you have to bloody get on with it, and be off the fags. Now, a good dose of 'flu and you (I) can go to bed. For at least three days you think you are gonna die and, by the end of the third day, you are in soooo much pain you (I) wish you could die and be put out of your misery, blah!

Today I have been a wizz in the kitchen - and happily, partly, nay, mainly because now I have a dishwasher I can use the biggest bowl I want and, Don't have to Worry about the Washing Up! (sad, I know ...) Anyway, it was bacon & eggs for breakfast, homemade mayonnaise (the first. Ever) and chicken sandwiches for lunch; and then, lovely lamb mince done to a T in the oven, with Neris and India's 'Cauliflower Faux Mash' {steam the cauli, then wizz in the machine with some butter and cream, and hey presto!} All lovely, if not diet, food but here's the thing. I Cannot TASTE Anything due to a dose of the cold. Bastard.


Jen said...

Oh. I have the bastard cold too. But I think you ate all my bacon and eggs and I am left only with half a jar of Marmite and a bit of fluff.

I won't hold you responsible though. Even though you clearly are.

Mmmm... Cauliflower Mash sounds scrummy. Have you ever tried gary Rhodes' Cauliflower Cheese Soup? 'Tis awesome. Had forgotten about it actually so thanks for the reminder!!!

Get better soon (and save me some bacon next time?)

tea and cake said...

Hi Jen!
No, I haven't tried that soup but, I can google it, no doubt. The mash was, apparently, surprisingly gorgeous.
Sorry for your cold, too - can you get the store that is taking over this world (T*sco) to deliver food to you? I've heard they will deliver booze, fags And Chocolate, too!
The bacon is calling you from here ...!