Friday, 9 February 2007

White Out Baby!!

We don't actually have snow here in central Scotland today, o no, we have a white out! Even the sky telly dish has to be cleared periodically (thankfully that appears to be a boy job, as well as walking the dog - but I have now bought myself a ciggie rolling machine in order for this to become a girl job) so I can continue to watch Murder She Wrote or some such, in the peace of my living room that has a lovely log fire burning in it. I can now do this while the washing up is done in the Dishwasher, yay! And How Sad Am I that this tickles me fancy and cheers me up? Eeuw!

What does cheer me up no end, though, is that I went with Freaky Friday and Helpful to see their baby scan. Wowee! Baby is a Girl (pink knitting (I know, I know in this day and age an' all) for me then.) Freaky and I sobbed with relief as baby sucked her thumb and then had a stretch - you know the baby s t r e t c h, with arched back, and raised chin. And, did I mention she sucked her thumb? Awww. We are somewhat particularly pleased as Freaky Friday has suffered what is euphemistically termed 3 previous 'losses'. We are blessed and this now means I shall have three granddaughters!

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