Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Strewth, Have I got to be rich?

Big day today, I went to have my eyes tested. Firstly, I got up late and had a choice of cleaning my teeth and eating breakfast or straightening my hair and drinking my cup of tea. So, in order to Not look like Wallace's girlfriend, I chose the latter.
Following the eye test, during which I had chew some cherry menthol gum, (see above re teeth) the nice man took me to look at the lovely (!) cheap eyeglass frames that Boots seem to think people want to wear. However, as I Am a Fashion Icon I decided that I would either a) keep the lovely pinkish frames I already own and paid shed loads of money for two years ago, or b) check out the fashion frames. Eeek! the prices! The only ones I reeeely liked cost over £200. And, apparently, the 'Buy One Pair and Get Another Pair Free Gratis' only applied to 'Buy one pair of Lush Glasses and get another, Gopping Boots' Own pair' for free. If I stuck to plan option a) then that would cost one arm and one leg soooo I chose a lovely pair made by guess.
Hooever, when the man looked on the pooter, he managed to get me 4 hundred quids worth of eyeglass wear for the, ahem, 2 hundred quid I am forking out. He made out that we were swizzling Boots, but I don't believe him.
Also, the eye-testing (opthalmist?) did suggest that I could also, at a very reasonable price perhaps use contact lenses. This was a tad suspicious as I only use glasses for reading, etc. It transpires, ladies and gentlemen that, if I so wish, I could Wear One Contact Lens at all times and so would not have to pull out the fucking expensive glasses to read things in shops etc. At All!

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