Thursday, 26 June 2008

A dried herb and wonderweb day

This is a book cover I made; I started last night with the embroidery, my first ever. And, today I made up the cover, with a lining and everything. I did this at the same time as making a Cranks' Crecey Pie (Carrot and Onion) for our crafter's group competition lunch.

I didn't have time to go pick the thyme and parsley for the recipe so used dried - I knew the ladies would know, but what the heck I was running very, very late.

After turning the cover out the right way I, of course, needed to sew up the turning-gap and just didn't have time for that either, so Hurrah for wonderweb!

It was also our friends' daughter's first birthday today and her parcels needed wrapped and delivered, so the long-suffering Mr T managed this for me. Phew! and I was only about 25 minutes late for the noon lunch. I didn't win any prizethis year, but the standard was extremely high and I was pleased we all came up with such different ideas, after we'd all been given a piece of fabric and told to make of it what we would. There were bags, a glasses case, a book, needle-case and pincushion, cafeitierre cover, an art piece, the start of a lingerie case and a beautifully embroidered circular box. Some of the group have completed City & Guilds and Embroiderer's Guild courses, and I do envy them. I am thinking of joining an Embroiderer's Guild later this year, but I do wonder if I would have the time. We also had a very delicious and lively lunch and, though I wasn't very impressed with my wholemeal pastry, the pie turned out to be my best one ever!

Ah, well. I have to go to my bed now as it is tomorrow that nanny's best girl and I are off on our travels for an adventure! Back next week.

K xx

PS. Flick, I will complete your elephant case, as soon as I can find it! We had visitors last week and it got put away. somewhere. k xx


Dusty Spider said...

Just as well I haven't bought the elephant yet then! Flick xx

tea and cake said...

hahaha! It has now been found and will be worked upon v.v. shortly. K xx