Thursday, 12 June 2008

Not a rant, or a moan, just a query

I am sitting here, quite quietly, while babysitting lolly dolly pop on the day after her first birthday. What a long, long day she had, lunching out with mummy and nanny, presents, cards, party and cake. She's exhausted and very sleepy today, especially as she awoke mummy and daddy a couple of times during the night, after a truly excitable day. Happy 1st Birthday to a beautful and perfect baby girl, who simply does not fancy getting up on her own two legs and walking yet. Ah well, she'll have long enough to do that, won't she?!

In the meantime, as I sit here quietly, I can almost hear myself breathing. Or, slightly wheezing in fact. While I was ill I was taking huge amounts of v strong painkillers that, quite frankly, made me queezy. To the point that, one evening, after smoking a couple of ciggies while phoning someone up, I vomited. I therefore decided that now might be a good time to give up the fags (cigarettes for any US readers) before they gave me up.

Over the years I have usually given up smoking at least once a year, usually just for a couple of months, and then back to it.

But, I gave up in January and haven't smoked since, which is the longest time for many years for giving up. And, I have to be honest, I don't miss the fags now, just sometimes the 'activity' of smoking - you know, going outside with rellies and/or others who smoke at a party or other such do. However, it does not seem to be missing me. I have what we call a 'soot-fall' every so often. This involves a taste in my mouth of, well, soot, as in chimney soot?! I also seem to have a smell of smoking in my nostrils, even at the moment when I am alone, with no-one else here who smokes - that is unless lolly dollypop is up there, hanging out of her bedroom window and puffing away. The other bit is the sore chest and throat, and wheeziness.

So, here's the query - how long will this go on for? And, why was I dreaming this morning, of smoking a fag? Weird I know.


Dusty Spider said...

I've heard that people are sometimes quite poorly with chesty coughs and wheezing soon after they give up smoking. Sometimes it's worse than when they were smoking! Something to do with the body cleansing itself I think. Don't quit quitting!! Stay in there. Lolly Dolly Pop!! How cute is that!! Stay on your bum Lolly, let everybody else do the running around!! Lots of Love Flick xx

tea and cake said...

You are soooo right, as usual Flick! lots of love, Karen xx